Porsche Adding Hybrid Variants to Entire Model Lineup

Porsche Adding Hybrid Variants to Entire Model Lineup

Porsche has designed a new hybrid module that will fit into all of its future cars, suggesting that all Porsche models in its lineup will inevitably have a hybrid variant.

The module, which combines an electric motor and clutches in one unit will reduce fuel consumption while driving at normal speeds. The first phase of Porsche’s hybridization efforts is shown off in the new plug-in Panamera, where the German automaker’s engineers reduced the “revolutions per kilometer” of the engine.

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The next phase, which is due in 2016-2017, Porsche models will interact more intelligently with its environment by using data from a variety of sources, such as detailed road maps. By analyzing data such as inclines and corners, Porsche models will select the correct driving mode for the circumstances, maximizing fuel efficiency and performance.

The new hybrid module will be both water- and air-cooled and will be more powerful than the 94-hp hybrid electric motor that will be used in the upcoming plug-in Panamera, which is set to hit dealerships this summer. The automaker is also working on an induction charging system that can be used in home garages.

And in case you’re thinking the 911 range isn’t getting hybridized, it is.

[Source: Autocar UK]

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