Range Rover Sport to Gain Four-Cylinder, Diesel Hybrid Variants

Range Rover Sport to Gain Four-Cylinder, Diesel Hybrid Variants

There’s a lot to love about the 2014 Range Rover Sport and the British automaker is banking on its popularity by expanding the lineup by offering even more powertrain options.

Land Rover will be adding to its Range Rover Sport lineup with a diesel-electric hybrid model and a conventional model powered by the automaker’s V8. Further down the line, the Range Rover Sport will also be offered with a four-cylinder “EcoBoost” engine, which is now possible thanks to its weight loss.

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According to Stuart Firth, Land Rover’s Chief Program Engineer for the Range Rover Sport, by shedding over 925 pounds, the Range Rover Sport is now able to be powered by a smaller four-cylinder without compromising the performance and off-road capability that the SUV is known for.

The V8 model will bring 516 lb-ft of torque to the Range Rover Sport and will join the lineup later this year along with the diesel-hybrid model. The diesel-hybrid Range Rover Sport will be a diesel V6 engine and will have its hybrid goods located under the floor of the SUV, allowing it to retain its seven-seater configuration and cargo space will be left as is. The hybrid technology will also be introduced to the standard, larger Range Rover model at the same time.

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[Source: Carsales.com.au]

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