‘Robin Hooders’ Sued for Paying Off Expired Parking Meters

‘Robin Hooders’ Sued for Paying Off Expired Parking Meters

The city of Keene in New Hampshire is suing “Robin Hood and His Merry Men” for paying public parking meters that have expired before enforcement can issue out a ticket.

Six “Robin Hooders” have been hanging out in downtown Keene, seeking out expired parking meters where vehicles are parked and paying the meter. The Robin Hooders then slip a note under the wiper of the vehicle with the message: “Your meter expired; however, we saved you from the king’s tariffs, Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Please consider paying it forward.” In addition, the note has an address where donations towards the effort can be made.

The city is currently requesting the court to establish a “safety zone” to block the Robin Hooders from coming within 50 feet of parking agents. The city is claiming that its parking enforcement officers are being taunted and harassed by the Robin Hooders, to the point that they’ve threatened to quit as a result of the anxiety and distress.

Keene has claimed thousands of tickets have been prevented by the Robin Hooders.

“Besides following me, crowding around me, making video recordings of my activities, and placing coins in expired meters to prevent me from writing tickets, these individuals repeatedly taunt and harass me, asking why I am stealing people’s money and telling me to get another job,” an officer said in an affidavit.

[Source: The Washington Times]

  • iamcarrie

    `Wouldn’t the video recordings show harassment? And it is not against the law to put money in the meter by anyone. There is good and bad likes in every job. If you don’t like the job, go find another one.

  • Wakeupusa

    We had the same problem in Kansas City. The Royals sucked so bad last year that the players were “taunted and harassed” by the fans. In order to create a safety zone for the players they kept loosing games so the fans would not come to the stadium. I’m sorry, but my story makes about as much sense as Keene suing the Robin Hooders. If your to stupid to be hired in the private sector you get a government job. If your to stupid to get hired for a government job, you get elected to a political position.