Top 10 Cheapest 40 MPG Cars

Top 10 Cheapest 40 MPG Cars

4. Honda Civic Hybrid $25,150

Unlike many of the other hybrids on this list, the Honda Civic here is a mild-hybrid, which means it can’t run on electric power alone. None-the-less, the compact gets 44 mpg combined, thanks to a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, and a helpful electric motor. It all comes in at just over $25,150, making the Civic a pretty solid bargain when it comes to fuel savings. Check out the full specs of the 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid.

  • bloggin

    Fusion and C-MAX both will get lower priced ‘S’ trim versions. Which will put the Fusion Hybrid S at $24,900 and the C-MAX Hybrid S below $24k

  • Karen

    Chevy Cruz gets around that MPG too, under $20k LS


    Love my 33-38 mpg Fusion for an aggressive driver.

  • Fuel Saver

    with Prius average around 51.5 mpg why are the 30 something’s in the conversation Prius still around 25kGive Toyota credit where credit is due .Sure its not a performance car in the sense that most of us think of but it tops the list in fuel performance and most can afford