Top 10 Cheapest Non-Hybrid Cars That Get 40 MPG Highway

Top 10 Cheapest Non-Hybrid Cars That Get 40 MPG Highway

6. Mazda3 Skyactiv $20,020

Mazda went all in on fuel efficiency with its Skyactiv technology. Emphasizing light-weight components and more efficient transmissions and engines, the Skyactiv Mazda3 is able to hit 40 mpg when properly equipped. Pay the $20,020 pricetag for the Skyactiv-G 2.0L engine as well as the six-speed automatic, and you’ll see an improvement of up to 12 mpg on the highway over the 2.5L engine option in the Mazda3, or an improvement of 7 mpg over the non Skyactiv 2.0L engine. Check out our review of the Skyactiv Mazda3.

  • smartacus

    How about top-ten cheapest non-hybrids with the best city mileage?

  • Michael Lemus

    Exactly, there’s way too much focus on highway mpg.

  • Paul

    The Mitsubishi mirage blows all of these cars out of the water. 12995 msrp with 37/44 MPG. Far better than the Nissan Versa.

  • nioncobra

    One thing I never understood about these articles: What year are they talking about? If I get a Chevrolet Sonic LT, what year gives me 40 mpg highway?

  • Thomas

    Zrggcgyrgdgghb yfg fgdtgy. Srtxtcghyg

  • Thomas

    I have a 2o14 focus Se and I have to tell ya, im getting 40-45 mpg. Of course All mileage is hwy daily, and usually not much difference with or without the AC. Great car. And for the price too.


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