Top 10 Least Reliable Cars and Trucks

Top 10 Least Reliable Cars and Trucks

1. Ford Explorer, V6 4WD

And here it is, the most unreliable vehicle according to our colleagues at Consumer Reports. The Ford Explorer is so problematic it earns two spots on this list. The plusses and minuses are essentially identical between the two- and four-wheel-drive models so we’ll spare you the monotony of rehashing everything for the second time, once more, again. As with the other model, MyFord Touch apparently turns this utility into my Ford SUCKS. Reliability is “much worse than average.”

Whether you agree with Consumer Reports’ survey methodology or not, the organization’s influence with shoppers is immense. People turn to the publication for advice; if a vehicle doesn’t perform well in their quality surveys it may not perform very well on the showroom floor.

  • MistyGreen

    HA. sucks for Ford. At least sucks for Sync. Only time will tell about mechanical reliability, which should be the thing that Consumer Reports tries to anticipate in the first place.

  • nice hit piece

  • GuidZilla

    Considering the progress Ford has made over the last handful of years its rather dissapointing to see some of these. Not surprising about Sync tho, they need to drop it and start over… Android based 😉

  • Baccalla

    Consumer Reports should stick to evaluating washing machines and digital cameras because they know squat about cars.

  • baccalla

    I came here to read about RELIABILITY and all I found was some nitpicking from a publication that doesn’t know anything about cars.

  • Consumer Reports is the most unreliable source of information for auto advice anyone could ever consider. If you look to these fools for advice on what vehicles to purchase/avoid, you deserve to be stuck with the crap they say you should buy. Basing “reliability” on an owners ability to adapt to MyFord Touch is asinine.

    Oh, and Consumer Reports doesn’t have the influence you say they do, Ford seems to be doing quite well with all the models on the list, except the Flex. Lincoln is another story.

  • So you must have a ford product

  • G

    “I disagree with CR so they must be wrong.” How infantile. I’m sure some industry rag like Car & Driver which depends on industry money for its existence is much more reliable.

  • I have to say that, considering the way Consumer Reports tests cars, they have to be the most trustworthy. They don’t get cars from the manufacturer, they buy cars off the lots without the dealer knowing they are who they are. This means they get the cars we, as consumers, also spend hard-earned money on.

  • 7 of 10 are mechanical clones or related platforms. You could have bundled those and given us a decent list.

  • I’m trying to figure out why a small back seat in the Ford Focus makes it any less reliable.

  • Jupiter

    Would someone only give me a brand new ford explorer 4wd. I’ll be feeling the same way as if I was elected king. 🙂 This topic or top 10 survey is totally pointless. When I go shop for a new vehicle there are certain things and options that i look for and whichever one matches up the closest to my needs that’s the one I’ll buy. Sure the heck wont buy one that the Cunsumer Reports recommends. I think I would be totally disappointed.

  • bloggin

    CRs obsession with the MyFordTouch system continues to have them loosing any credibility they had left.

    No one cares what they have to say, and consumers ALWAYS buy more of what CR does not like.

    Wanting to tell consumers what to think and what to like, it’s clear that CR forgot that the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

    Which is why when CR trashed the 2012 Civic, it outsold the Corolla and was the #1 selling compact car in NA for 2012.

    CR trashed the MyFordTouch system, and it’s now the #1 chosen technology option in Ford vehicles.

    CR trashed the Fusion Hybrid for it’s mpg, now the Fusion Hybrid(up 365%) outsold the Camry Hybrid (down -26.8%) for April, and should outsell Camry Hybrid(CR loved) YTD by June.

    CR trashed the C-MAX Hybrid for it’s mpg, now the C-MAX Hybrid outsell the Prius v that CR loved(down -12.3% YTD and down -25.3% for April) most every month since launch and leads YTD.

    Now CR decides to trash the Explorer which is up 9.6% YTD and up 39.6% for April as the best selling med size suv by a whopping 20k units.

    Clearly, trashing automobiles is CR’s new marketing model. CR only trashes cars so they can get the headlines and free publicity, since no news organization will care to run a story about a dishwasher, hair dryer or blender CR does not like.

    This is also why it’s better to read the Amazon consumer reviews of products, than depend on something like CR.

  • Do you work for Ford, by any chance? 🙂

  • Dave Foley

    I agree with you. Having a radio that some don’t understand, in no way affects reliability. Full stop. It’s not a reliability issue. It’s a customer convenience issue.

    CR’s myopic concentration on this one system has completely destroyed whatever credibility they had left, and they didn’t have much of that left. CR should stick to testing toasters.

  • Dave Foley

    It’s not the vehicle testing that is the issue. That part is as good or as bad as any other magazine you could name.

    The problem is they are claiming that because a radio is complex, that makes the whole vehicle unreliable. That is absurd.

    Another issue is the results they claim to use only come come from the narrow demographic that are CR readers – and only from the ones that are activist enough to fill out their forms. If you aren’t part of that world, your experience doesn’t count.

    There are even some that think that everyone that does their vehicle report to the CR pollsters always does it honestly, think again. Remember when Toyota had all that PR trouble with the unintended acceleration? The reported reliability of Toyotas on CR’s polls dropped like a stone! That’s because they actually started reporting problems that were happening. They did this because some toyota brand ‘fans’ also fit the demographic of CR readers and responders.

    When things blew over, funny that Toyota reliability ‘went up’. It’s a flawed system for reliability ratings.

  • Jupitor

    No, Actually I don’t. However I live out in the country and been farming for quite a few years now, My Ford Expedition and F150 have really proven itself.

  • Richard Joash Tan


  • MC_bot

    Neither of those cars made the list. Maybe CR has a point with the ones that did.

  • MC_bot

    No they aren’t, the reliability is separate, they are just also bashing the radio. For whatever reason these dolts decided to put them in reliability rank and then bash everything else they didn’t like in the same article, which was supposed to be about reliability.

  • MC_bot

    Consumer reports rated the reliability as well as a bunch of features. It is the dolts at Autoguide that decided to throw all those other features into an article that was supposed to be about reliability. The fact is the models on this list suck and are likely to have more breakdowns/failures than other cars. It also happens that CR doesn’t like Ford’s Infotainment system and autoguide decided to throw that in, they are not related.

  • shiza

    This article really should be qualified. It’s mostly reliability, but the use of My Ford Touch and certain quibbles they had with the cars (with the exception of their eco-boost issues). The fact that the author blindly took these ratings and went “LOL Whut is Ford doing?” is just really useless.

  • Robin

    How is a turning radius a reliability issue? Or rearward visibility? Do Flexes grow a giant rear-end during driving and start turning in larger and larger circles? Since when are entertainment software glitches considered reliability issues?

    This is a recommended vehicle in your magazine-so why is it appearing here?

    When you’re going to use bias in your article, try and make your seams a little less obvious, CR.

  • MistyGreen

    I’m pretty sure this is a straight copy from CR, so I don’t think they could’ve.

  • Yutach

    Wait, do you think Consumer Reports wrote this? The commentary is pure Craig Cole, official wonkjob of the autoguide staff.

    Love you, Craig.

  • edino

    This is just brand bashing.

    I have big questions about this list, and not only about the Ford cars. I have a 2013 MKX myself, and all the areas where the article mentions it supposed to be least reliable, its stack for me above average, Especially how can anyone have comments on the interior: Par with BMW and Mercedes (I have also a 2013 BMW 5 series). Also, wind noise; mine at 150km/h is still extremely quiet. Gear change not refined? Unless you push the pedal to the bottom, you cannot notice the change! Info system works perfect, and is easier to use than BMW iDrive!

    It is really sad that such large misrepresentation of facts is happening.

  • Thomas Raven

    You headline this as a list of the least reliable vehicles then neglect to say anything about what’s unreliable about them. Instead, there’s just a bunch of random and annoying snarky comments that go nowhere fast. Auto guide just made my least reliable list.

  • Thomas Raven

    Sorry, Mr. ALL CAPS, but you can’t only love a reviewer when you like what they say.

  • deltainny

    For those of you not familiar with the way CR rates reliability: Current owners fill out online or printed surveys on all sorts of vehicles, appliances, etc. WE are the ones rating reliability.

  • Robert Niehay

    This article is as rubbish as the reviews on consumer reports. Everyone knows that pretty much the only people who care enough to fill out surveys on their products are the people having issues. Really? Not one GM vehicle? Did I miss it? Sounds like Government Motors might have used those federal dollars to hire shills. I’m sure they have issues, but I’ve never heard of anyone with Ecoboost engine problems. CR craps all over my Toyota too. I’m at 100k miles in 5 years, no problems.

  • Nunyabusinessnate

    Without question Consumer Reports is spot on with the reviews of the My Ford Touch systems. As a professional technician who has repaired vehicles for 25 years I have never seen a vehicle manufacturer produce a worse system. I have as a matter of fact never had a customer come in who was happy with their my ford touch system. Having Microsoft design the system was mistake number 1. Has anybody used the latest version of Windows operating system? It is complete rubbish! Nothing that has ever come out of Microsoft has EVER been intuitive. If the people at Ford had used Apple to design the integration of their system they would have not been having these complaints!
    The ford focus has indeed been a piece of junk with significant transmission issues. The Ford Explorer was a mistake from the start. You do not build a unibody SUV and say it is better than the framed vehicle it replaced when in fact it is a front wheel drive platform, no you have just created a fwd stationwagon.

  • fred douglas

    This list has absolutely nothing to do with reliability, its people complaining about certain aspects of their vehicle that they dont like. Not one quote from this article mentions any mechanical issues with the vehicles. My Ford touch ok it can be a pain on certain vehicles, but its a computer…how often does your home pc piss you off??

    Pople ask for technology and then complain when they get it…Also wind noise in the lincoln??? Compared to what…a church? The diesel dodge have a noisy engine and hard shifting tranny, of course it does it has 800lb.ft of torque.

    Whoever wrote this article should be fired!

  • RC

    We’ve owned our 2013 Explorer for 8 months now with 0 mechanical problems. In town, road trips, towing and a night out on the town.. The vehicle has struck a great balance for those who need a large vehicle, but dont want a Tahoe or a Minivan. So far… we love the car an have had no complaints.

    What’s more.. Anytime we’ve had a question about the vehicle, the dealership has been quick to address them.

    Ford has a great lineup of products that are selling like hot-cakes. Smear articles like this are a great example of how GM and Chrysler are scrambling to keep up with the blue oval. Consumer Reports: You just found yourself in my trashcan.

  • DE

    Stop being so sensitive everyone. If your car is on this list and not causing you problems then good for you. Just pray it won’t ever have problems. Geez. You all need a Xanax!

  • Sweaty Texan

    Consumer Reports tests its vehicles that are purchased anonymously – not by way of surveys as stated by some individuals in this comment section. Kudos to Robert Niehay and his comments, which proves that whining is not limited to Democrat voting liberals. Advice for the white bread rednecks freaking out in this comment section about Ford: buy a Japanese car and you will understand why they are so highly rated.

  • ChuckDodge

    i kinda think this more of a critic for how the vehicle looks and handles and things like that, not how reliable it is. It never says the lincoln mkx blows out the transmission every 25000 miles (not saying it does just an example) it says the back seat is small. Congradulations for the size of it i cant say that i could find a way to put a bigger back seat in it either.

  • ChuckDodge

    And to think they called the Ram 2500, what looks to be the laramie edition non the less, “raucous” I know someone with on and i dont think its loud enough. Its a truck, its made to be loud, rough, tough, shift a little rough. Like they said in the caption its not a Lexus ES350. Its a truck that will blow the socks off any of these so called critics. How do you get to be one of these people anyway, let me drive new vehicles for a living and give some actual reviews relative to what the vehicle is.

  • Rob

    This is the most retarded, biased, and ignorant comparison that I have seen in recent times. So, let me get this straight, 8 out of the “top 10” are from Ford Motor Company; let alone the fact that said reliability issues aren’t exactly the typical ones that a reasonable person would consider in determining a vehicle’s reliability (aka getting you from point A to point B).

  • OneOfOne

    so even though cr buys their review vehicles the fact that the reliability is reported by REAL WORLD OWNERS means nothing here? and auto guide is an expert on what exactly? snarky comments about the most respected publication of its kind? and the dopes who are forum posters disagree? theres credibility and then theres , well, autoguide I suppose

  • Guitarman

    I’m a bit puzzled that Consumer Reports is not saying anything about Mechanical issues with Ford and the others. Mostly about infotainment. It is very biased to me the way it is written. The writer seems to be writing in a sarcastic fashion which leads me to believe that it is very Biased. Ford must have pissed Consumer reports off big time.
    I think this will backfire on C/R. They will lose thousands of readers for sure. They have lost me. I had a subscription a year ago and stopped it because I thought some of the reports seemed Biased on several products. When you add sarcasm to articles that are supposed to un-biased something is wrong. This is what I noticed and suspected. This 10 worst article has just confirmed what I suspected about C/R’s biased articles. I remember reading articles about recommended Vehicles in one article and then reading in a different publication about the same recommended vehicles being rated very low reliability. This proves to me that C/R is a sham and un-reliable.
    I hope they feel the pain in less subscribers. That will hit them where it hurts. In the pocketbook. It is sad that a Company like C/R can literally make or break a product.
    That can lead to power hungry C/R writers with biased reviews which is apparent to me.
    It is ALWAYS a bad idea in believing one sole source for reliability information.
    We need to do our own homework before purchasing products.

  • AircraftQA

    Consumer Reports is and always has always been biased. They find one thing they don’t like and they beat it like a dead horse. In this case it’s Ford’s Infotainment system. A few years back they bashed any car that was used by rental car companies. As if that had something to do build quality. They have always preferred the Japanese cars over American built vehicles. Their testing methods have been controversial for many reasons including testing a vehicle’s rollover with a giant lever attached to help it along. As a Quality Assurance Inspector I have found CR to be very unreliable themselves. CR may be respected by the public but they are not by their peers.

  • Anton Bender

    Fords have been dogs for quite a while. Dodge trucks have been junk for ever. Wasn’t jaguar owned by ford at one time, or still is? I am sure that played a big part in their downfall.

  • JeepZJ

    Did not like this article. Hardly any of the problems listed with the cars were about reliability. They all had to do with comfort and quality, not what is mechanically wrong with it. Might just be me but if my backseat is “cramped” I wouldn’t call it unreliable. If my car breaks down constantly I would call it unreliable. Overall a poor article.

  • Avery ZJ

    Also I’m not a fan of any of these cars. So I’m not just sticking up for them.

  • matt

    “Wasn’t jaguar owned by ford at one time, or still is?” yeah, shows how much you know, don’t get out or read much do you. The Indians own land rover jaguar these days, ford does still supply engines to them.

  • 1motorhead

    This is why I don’t read consumer reports. The title of the article makes one believe that actual reliability would be reviewed. All I read about was ergonomic complaints or noise or ride comfort. That’s what a thorough test drive is for – but reliability, that is measured by mechanical/electrical issues during a period of ownership. Trouble brewing in Dearborn? Based on what? They’ve been building some great cars and trucks with cutting edge technology all on their own dime, not taxpayer funded government bailout money! I own Ford, Chrysler, Honda and Nissan products currently – all within a few years old from new. The only service visits I have had to make for recall work and for warrantied repairs due to equipment failures have been on the Honda Odyssey (2011 model).

    This article is biased and am utter failure and waste of time.

  • Bfloyd

    Ok, my best friends father owns a Ford dealership here in Columbia. Family owned for almost 75 years. I have been this guys friend for over 18 yrs. I have been in EVERY FORD imaginable. They are cheaply made, MECHANICALLY UNRELIABLE, rattling pieces of shit. The materials, fit and finish, and workmanship is absolutely horrid. I know it’s one mans opinion..I will be honest. I am a HUGE Chevy guy.. Just got rid of a Tundra that I traded my DEPENDABLE 01′ Silverado for because IT WAS A P.o.s…literally rode like a DUMP TRUCK. Went straight back to the dealer and got a new Silvy. Best thing I ever did. Good luck FoMoCo. Lol:)

  • jlcurtis

    seeing that my family has owned a few vehicles from every American brand and every time we get something OTHER THAN a ford it breaks down and is always something major. every ford vehicle we have owned has lasted very well compared to just about any other vehicle my self, my father, and his father have owned we will buy ford and continue to until they give us a reason not to. not some misleading post that states nothing about the reliability of the vehicle but what there colleagues think about vehicles. this lady that lives up the road from has a new explorer and she loves it so idk about what i read here.

  • jlcurtis


  • Juan

    Mechanics love Fords. Its their bread and butter. They typically just don’t own them. LOL

  • Fredrick

    Tell that to your DOG. Maybe it’ll believe you. I find things to be the other way around. The Ford is a good solid truck right till it’s time to trade it after 10 years while the Chevy turns into a rattle box after the first year.

  • Lloyd

    I have owned more than a dozen Fords dating back to 1974 and have never had an issue with any of them. Currently driving a 2013 Mustang, prior to that 2002 F350Superduty diesel, 1993 Saleen Mustang, 1989 Saleen Mustang, 1990 Ford Ranger, 1985 Mustang GT, 1982 Mustang GT, 1978 Ford F100, 1974 Mustang II, also in the mix a few work vehicles 1993 Ford F150 and a couple of early 90’s Ford Escorts. Other than tires, oil/filter and that sort of routine maintenance I have never had to spend any money on any of them. I love my Ford experience and wouldn’t buy elsewhere!

  • Whippet guy

    I’ll never buy a Ford again. Last Ford I bought, a Ranger, had the cruise control go on the last day of the warranty, which, unfortunately was a Sunday. Neither my dealer nor Ford of Canada would honor the warranty because I couldn’t report it until the next day, Monday, when the warranty had expired. Ford’s words were “that’s tough luck”!!!
    Screw them forever!

  • TCJ

    Couldn’t agree more! I have a 2013 Focus and the electronic steering assist was messed up from day one but the dealership didn’t lift a finger. I had to get the regional Ford customer service agent involved to force the dealership to fix my problem, and they were RUDE the whole time. I gave them a chance, but it’s the last chance they’ll get from me. I’d buy an F-150 but never again will I buy a Ford car of any type. The customer service at their dealerships lacks WAY behind that of Honda, Acura, and Lexus. They still have a long way to go before they regain the trust of America and their dealerships need a LOT of customer service training!!

  • Martin M.

    For as many times that C.R. has gotten things wrong, I’m surprised they’re still around let alone with the slightest hint of creditability.

    I think my Genesis Coupe should be #1 on this list because I hit the same red light every morning on my way to work!!!! Matter of fact, I think the state of Maryland should be banned because of a thorn bush next to my mail box that pokes me every time I get the mail and my flag pole rope came untied……. again!!!!
    My wife’s BMW is in the shop still (and again) with electrical issues which is beside the point, apparently that’s alright since it’s not a Ford, ….. just like the money pit ’09 Audi we tried to trade in.
    OMG, this and CR is BS and FUBAR!!!!!!! FTW
    Martin M.

  • Eric James

    Ford….Quality Is Job….?
    Should have kept Mercury..they were more reliable.

  • Eric James

    Just to remind you about quality. …Who has had the most recalls in the last couple years, some being very dangerous? TOYOTA! ALMOST EVERY MODEL. Sometimes people should do research before commenting.

  • Boba Fett

    And the least reliable magazine award ? … Consumer Reports.

  • ta

    i cant believe this you call a car unreliable just because of a touch screen i have a 2011
    ford explorer i had it for two years and nothing ever broke

  • Steve

    Both J.D. Powers and CR had much the same responses from their surveys, which come from owners, not people brand-bashing. I think what’s lost here is the number of recalls that Ford has had on its new vehicles. Possible engine fires, brake issues, C-Max roof issues where they had to be reinforced, unintended acceleration problems due to sticky gas pedals. Tens of thousands of new Escape and Fusion owners told to park their cars and not drive due to possible engine fires. Those that remember the long, drawn out issue over speed controls in many Fords that really did catch fire might head their advice.

    When you have that many recalls in a short span on brand-new cars, of course the new owners are going to say they’re unreliable. Yes, the My Ford Touch system has glitches and flaws, which Ford admits they are trying to deal with. Nothing made up there either, but it’s a combination of both reliability and design issue. New vehicles possibly next year will have actually knobs.

    Some truck owners with Ecoboost may recall earlier models that had supercharger problems due to restricted air flow. If you look at the front plates, they’ve been put off to the side for awhile now. Looks like heck, but it’s possibly solved some of the problems. If you look at how Ford dealt with many issues, it’s similar to the outrage over Toyota’s Enormous recall some years back. Ironically, Ford treated owners far, far worse for very real problems than Toyota did for largely made-up or operator issues. Not perception, but real life.

    This will be the first year new Fusions are getting ready to be made in the USA. To point out some issues they may be having with their Mexico plants, Ford has new Lincoln shipped from Mexico to Michigan now for a thorough quality inspection. You don;t go through that expense for nothing. Just as they had held up the new Focus while paid Ford volunteers drove automatic-equipped Focuses around for tranny issues.

  • efy

    I wouldn’t say that. I have a ’12 Focus with the alleged “horrible” Poweshift transmission that has been problem-free for me fir 40k miles. Not only that, it’s fun, responsive, and smoother than CR makes it out to be. You can’t feel it shift; the only way to tell is by change in engine noise or looking at the tachometer. The car has been flawless.

  • MC_bot

    That’s fair, but you have to consider that CR calling a car non-reliable doesn;t mean every one of them will fail. It means that an unusually high percentage will have issues. Even 10% having trouble is probably enough to make a list like this.

  • MC_bot

    adn 40K miles on a ’12…get back to me when you make 80K, you aren’t even at the warranty level yet.

  • Mike

    I’m not seeing much that would tell me most cars on this list are not reliable, all I’m seeing is complaints about the interior or the ride quality. All I want to know is when I turn the key will the thing start? or can I count on it to get me from point A to B without issue??? Just because a car or truck does not have a large turning radius or has a less then quality made interior does not mean its not reliable.

  • Wldbilly

    Through building innovations and growing every brand, there will be challenges with all makers at time. Some more than others. Clearly Ford is building better vehicles than previous years and are in higher demand than most other auto makers due to design, value, and experience. Clearly quality still is job 1, which is why they have the best selling Trucks for 33 years……. Taking market share from Toyota and Honda is difficult and they have done just that. Hopefully GM and Chrysler continue building on current quality and design, competition brings better products to market for consumers. That is a great opportunity for us to capitalize on value and reliability. You can’t succeed without some failures………even though it impacts us.

  • Ermino

    You could also add Ford Transit from 2006-2013 to this list , since a lot of things break on these . The Focus C-max from 2011 we have at my job is very reliable though .

  • james k

    oh is that why the ford explorer is the best selling vehicle in its class

  • IcoHolic

    BS story, you’d be covered if that was true.

  • IcoHolic

    Consumer reports has had it in for Ford for 20 years. It’s almost laughable that infotainment usability issues go against reliability scores.

  • Frank

    This top ten least reliable doesn’t make sense, I remember reading a consumer reports last year and the explorer was in the upper top ten. This is clearly a bias rating against Ford.

  • Frank

    Review sponsored by GMC

  • Zeek

    You see anybody holding onto the higher priced foreign cars when they go out of warranty? I’ve owned all American, excluding a 2011 CL63. 2 Fords 1997 Cobra, 2007 GT500. 1 2007 Yukon Denali and a 2010 ZR1. Out of all of them the pricier ones had the most issues.

  • Gary_NS

    Horsecrap, my neighbor who is a mechanic owns one and his shop uses one for a company truck.

  • Juan

    Key word typically. I say that because I am a mechanic and the things that I have seen while working on them deter me from ever purchasing one. It does seem that they are being built better in very recent years but definitely at a cost passed on to the consumer. I really need to see their durability now in order to change my view on them in any way.

  • Luis Reyes

    I’d like to place a vote for the Toyota Camry as the MOST RELIABLE used car.

    I drive a ’99 Toyota Camry handed down from my father-in-law who bought it new. I do my own maintenance so there’s minimal maintenance costs, no depreciation, low insurance ($25/month from Insurance Panda) and registration costs, no car wash expenses (I park it outside when it’s raining) and people think twice before trying to cut in front of me. It’s a comfortable ride on the highway but is also nimble on dirt roads. I could easily afford a new car but then I’d have to fuss about dents, scratches, car washes and all those other costs. It’s got a 3.1L V6 that achieves 30 mpg on the highway. As long as it continues to pass smog it’s a keeper.

  • John

    Biased maybe? caugh..Government Motors sponsored…caugh

  • MartyGT

    Fredrick. This is a silly discussion. My 2009 GMC Sierra 2500 HD has 175,000 miles on the odometer and there’s no rattles. Fords are also good trucks. Rams on the other hand are crap. Chevy trucks are as good as any Ford and of course they are the same truck as a GMC. Once again-very silly. Like my daddy can beat up your daddy. It all depends on how you maintain them.

  • Kelly Schrock

    Unfortunate to see this list dominated by domestics. 10 years ago, I sold my Jeep Grand Cherokee (which replaced a Ford in my “fleet”) and bought a Toyota 4Runner, vowing never to buy an American car again. The 4Runner is still as reliable as a crowbar at 180K miles 10 years later. My Mazda (at 22 years old) has 211K on it, strong as ever. My 3 Hondas are old, and still faultless (except for the obligatory clutch master cylinder and power antenna failures, easily fixed).

    I want to buy a car from the country I’m from, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be happening any time soon. Unless I’m somehow reborn as a Japanese person.

  • Just a huge Ford bashing, it don’t matter what website you go to, they are all different depending on the site sponsor. I shall avoid this website among many others, none of them can get the facts or the stories right.

  • Karl Kimball

    Yes but unfortunately (FOR FORD and you) this “bashing” as you call it is 100% true! I rented a Lincoln MKZ that half way down from Reno Nevada to Las Vegas developed an engine tick, by the time I traded the car off for another at Hertz it sounded like something had let go in the engine, and this $50k rolling wreck had under 1.5k miles on it!
    I have owned several Fords in my life, a 4x Ranger STX that was the largest lemon, and a F150 that blew up and spun a main barring at 50k miles. The difference between an American car dealership and a foreign car dealership is the fact almost every time you bring an American vehicle to a dealer, the dealer says “they can not verify the problem”! As apposed to the Japanese car or truck dealers that fix their damn vehicle if there is a problem! In other words, the American new or extended vehicle warranty’s are not wroth the paper they are written on! I have come across this at Jeep and Chevrolet dealers also after spending a boat load of money to subsidize the American car companies that build their vehicles in other country’s.
    A matter a fact over the past 50 years of buying vehicles I have tried to keep my money local by buying their GM’s and Fords that are made in Mexico and Canada.. But no more! I will no longer subsidize companies that have less AMERICANS working then their Japanese counterparts, because I can no longer afford to buy American due to their low resale value and leaking breaking junk they produce!

  • Karl Kimball

    Yes, especially when Consumer reports called the 1986 Ford Ranger “truck of the year”, and yes I bought one, and yes it was the largest POS I have ever owned in my life.
    I’m sorry you are a Ford owner, and the truth about people complaining about problems with a Ford product line does not change due to a company like CR “having it in for another”. The facts are the facts!

  • Karl Kimball

    I had a brand new Ford Ranger, that had a slew of problems under the new car warranty (before lemon laws existed) and had the Ford dealer I bought the truck from tell me “they could not verify the problem” repeatedly, even after I had the truck towed back to the dealer several times because it would not stay running! The front axle in 4wd would lock up when you turned the wheel to the right, the truck would stall repeatedly due to a fuel injection problem. The transfer case howled like a siren, and numerous other electrical, brake and drivability issues and problems. I even went as far as to video tape all the problems at the time and also wrote a letter to the Ford Corporation, their response was actually to purchase one of their FORD extended warranty for THEIR faulty product after the dealer could not fix the problems, when they had many chances to so!

  • Gommerang

    Your issue is the exception, not the norm. Every manufacturer and every model has someone complaining about getting a lemon.

  • Gommerang

    I have owned 11 Ford/Lincoln vehicles and only had one (an F-150) that had a problem that took 13 visits to figure out and fix. All of the other vehicles have been fine.

  • Karl Kimball

    Sure I got the lemon, Right! That’s exactly what I told myself when I bought my second brand spanken new Ford truck a few years latter, an F150 4×4 XLT lariat this time around, that promptly spun a main barring at 50k miles! I lost a hell of a lot of money and time on both of those Ford products.. NEVER AGAIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  • Gommerang

    I guess Ford cars just hate you then. I’ve never been left stranded by one.

  • Karl Kimball

    Ya, and it seems you have a hell of a lot of excuses for a bunch of rotten FORDS! From people supposedly telling BS story’s when they tell you about a junk Ford, to people supposedly having the one lemon ford ever made when it was junk, to people having a Fords hates it’s owner when a person bought yet another POS Ford. It could never be that FORD makes a lot of faulty products…Nah it couldn’t be! Because you’ve had a good one, so everyone else is a liar or drives lemons! RIGHT?
    So I guess I shouldn’t even mention the old saying FOUND ON ROAD DEAD as an example of a few other people besides me that have in fact been stranded on the side of the road in their damn FORD, to be able to come up with the saying….

  • Gommerang

    I’m beginning to think your wife cheated on you with a guy that drove a Ford.

  • Karl Kimball

    Naw, that kind of stuff only happens to people like you. LOL

  • Ouch!

    Tesla is the most American car you can buy with much more affordable models to come including trucks. Tesla’s have the smallest percentage of foreign made parts on them by a mile. The Big three vehicles fit and finish and technology is steadily improving and almost as reliable as Nissan but has a long way to go to equal Toyota. I believe one day American cars over all will be much more reliable but that day is a way off.

  • Ouch!

    Responding to deluded rednecks like you is a waste of time. It’s low grade people like you that have enabled the Big 3 to build the least reliable and inefficient vehicles in the world. You are so used to buying crap you don’t even know it.

  • Ouch!

    Actually I purchased one of Consumer Reports least favorite cars the 2008 Yaris hatchback which they had to admit was very reliable and the most fuel efficient non hybrid available in the US at that time. In 2007 when I bought it, it was Toyota’s least expensive car yet in all that time nothing has ever gone wrong and over the years has earned one of the highest consumer ratings of any car. It is sad to say that the big 3 cant even build a single car that is as reliable as Toyota’s cheapest one. The average life expectancy of the Yaris 1.5 liter motor is well over half a million miles!

  • Ouch!

    Typically the more expensive vehicles tend to require more maintenance until Tesla came along and demonstrated how to produce the worlds fastest sedan yet designing reliability into it by keeping the technology reliably minimalist. Tesla also provides free charging to its customers. Even when you charge at home your out of pocket cost per mile is a tiny fraction of a US petroleum powered vehicle. How many manufacturers other than Tesla offer free fuel to their customers? Once Tesla really gets going in the next 5 to 10 years the big three will either step up or go belly up. As it is the Big 3 are the only obstacles in the way of returning first class quality and reliability to American cars as a whole.

  • Ouch!

    Ford quality is continually unpredictable. That’s what you get with a company controlled be a bunch of right wing slackers and why progressive Tesla rules!!!

  • Ouch!

    Until Tesla came along most people in the world used to say “If it’s made in America you know it’s crap” which was pretty much true in a global context and why so few foreigners buy our over priced, fuel inefficient and unreliable vehicles.

  • Ouch!

    You have to take into consideration all the lemons that any manufacturer makes in any given year. Judging the entire years production because your car was a lemon is hardly scientific or fair.

  • Ouch!

    What kind of fuel economy did you get and how much of a carbon footprint did you create? I thought so.

  • Ouch!

    It’s because the people who buy them don’t know any better. When you grow up driving crap and that’s all you know then you’re likely to be fooled into thinking they are good vehicles when they are actually junk. Its a lot like growing up going to church.

  • Ouch!

    The C-Max as a whole are very unreliable. You are one of the relative few that got lucky.

  • Ouch!

    When Toyota and Honda first began selling cars in the US they weren’t up to snuff like ours are now (excluding Tesla). In time with intense determination the Japanese caught up and went far beyond 20 years ago and other than Tesla the US still hasn’t caught up even as Toyota has become complacent. I think American cars are much more attractive and the tech is definitely more sophisticated than before but consistent reliability remains elusive and is why the rather boring Toyota sedans are still the top sellers. Most people need reliability more than they need style like most people prefer reliable employees over stylish ones.

  • Ouch!

    But why wouldn’t you want a better functioning reliable truck?

  • Ouch!

    That’s a rare one. Better keep it.

  • Ouch!

    Good points!

  • Ouch!


  • Ouch!


  • Ouch!

    Seems like garden shears is what you need. Bushes don’t prune themselves in case you hadn’t figured that out. Sheeece!

  • Ouch!

    ATC trained technicians are no where as well schooled as those who are trained in Europe and Japan so you’re apt to get a technician here with a much lower skill level. That’s a huge problem with any shop in the US unfortunately.

  • Ouch!

    Fords frames are the beefiest of any American brand so if you are logging and driving through brush and hit an old stump you are far more likely to receive less damage.

  • Ouch!

    Best to go to JD Power for that.

  • Ouch!

    These reports are only summaries and not the full report. You have to be a paid subscriber to access in depth reports which are very comprehensive. They have to pay their bills too.

  • Ouch!

    To be fair Dodge, GM and Ford have their strengths and weaknesses. It all depends what is important to you personally. Some that don’t care about global warming buy powerful gas guzzlers while others who do might drive a Fusion or a C Max hybrid or plug in. If they want more reliability then they typically go Asian. Cheap gasoline is supposed to end in late 2015 or early 2016 and return to 4 to 5 bucks a gallon. Something to keep in mind when considering a vehicles fuel economy and your long term fuel allowance.

  • Ouch!

    Dodge trucks have improved over the past year and a half due to Fiat’s involvement. Who ever imagined Fiat would ever be in the same sentence as reliability?

  • Ouch!

    Ford had a large share in Volvo too and those were very solid and relatively reliable.

  • Ouch!

    These free online articles are not their full reports by a long shot. For those you have to be a paid subscriber. They have to pay their bills too. It amazes me how few people grasp this?

  • Ouch!

    Time and again people here fail to understand that these articles are vague summaries and not the actual comprehensive report that goes into great detail. For those reports you have to become a paid subscriber. They have to pay their bills too.

  • Ouch!

    That’s because this is NOT their report. This is only a vague summary. Before rushing to judgment trying to read between the lines it is recommended to become a paid member to access the highly detailed comprehensive report. You cant know what a book is all about reading the cover no more than you can reasonably criticize Consumer Reports without reading the actual report.

  • Ouch!

    Trucks that are loud and hard to shift are made for ignorant insecure rednecks while technically superior foreign trucks are easy to shift and made quiet so they don’t disturb the peace.

  • Ouch!

    If you want the complete report you have to purchase it. Consumer Reports only writes these somewhat vague articles as a courtesy and to attract potential customers. After all they are running a business.

  • Gommerang

    Carbon footprint? Someone is a self righteous ass.

  • Gommerang

    Tesla? You pay $100K for a car that’s worth $50K and even Consumer Reports gives it an unfavourable reliability rating (while at the same time claiming it the greatest car ever). Tesla is marketed to Californians that want to feel good about themselves and how awesome they are for not buying gasoline. At the same time forgetting the 900lbs of batteries in their car isn’t exactly “green”.

  • Nice that you think I am a redneck and a low life, shows a lot about yourself. I have read a lot of your biased, one sided, ignorant comments. I am not impressed at all by you, not one bit.
    If it does make you feel better to belittle people, go ahead. I have had fords all of my life, never had an issue with any of them (apart from recalls). So if your excuse for hating fords is because of a couple of issues, thats your problem. I like them, I will continue to buy them, maybe just to spite you.

  • 4xtraXX


    this was a HORRIBLE article.
    You are talking about inconveniences like touch screens and the like rather than the motor, transmission and other RELEVANT info.
    I thought a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT wrote this article

  • Sparehead

    You’re deluding yourself. It’s progressive minds that are calling the shots at the big three. It’s the dinosaur product lines that are the ones that still make them money. The auto industry also has hugely high barriers to entry that make it all but impossible for start-ups in the US. Mahindra, hardly a start-up, couldn’t get their little diesel pick-up into the US and there is a market for small efficient diesel trucks.

  • Ron Van De Walle

    What a terrible guide, it was of no use at all. I was interested in mechanical reliability, not whether the touch screen was difficult to operate. I’d better check out some other sites.

  • Lazy River

    Sounds like it should be illegal to me. If I want a damn Mahindra, why can’t I get it? The US Government doesn’t care if half my shirts are made there…so why so hardline with autos. Did they pass US safety specifications for vehicles? Then where are they? I remember American cars in the 70s. They. Were. Shit. Always broke down, gross polluters, toxic materials, and they were UGLY. It wasn’t until those teensy weensy Honda’s started showing up that things started to improve. To the point that I would happily own a Dodge Ram–if we didn’t live in a parking-poor, lot size-poor area. They’re better now. Shoot, you know they’re all more reliable than Jaguars. The competition has made MY car safer and MY car more fuel efficient, so I’m glad for it. Now go out there and make the next Mustang, or Challenger, or Thunderbird, or ’57 Chevy Bel Air. It’s out there. Design it and then, no worries! Because when American car buyers fall in love with certain models, they can become a legacy.

  • Giraffe-Junk

    You don’t lie, our MKZ had 4 recalls. When the passenger door wouldn’t shut, Lincoln towed it off and left me and my disabled spouse and dog stranded 120 miles from home. I traded it in on a Maserati at a 12K dollar loss, just to get rid that POS. A week after trading it in on the Maserati, the dealer reported that the back passenger door wouldn’t close. At least it was no longer my problem.

  • Frank

    And you don’t think your idiotic comment you left for me wasn’t a QUOTE: “biased, one sided, ignorant comment”? !

    Jackass’s just like you that seem to find it hard to to breath, unless being told to do so seem to think somehow “but hurt” is a word, and complain and carry on and make completely stupid remarks when someone spells it out rather clearly why I would never buy an American vehicle again. While lets be be clear here, I have probably purchased more new American vehicles, stimulating this country’s economy in my 55 years on this earth then your loser butt will ever be able to afford in ten of your loser hateful lifetimes! As anyone that sees the absolute nonsense you wrote here can tell you are and always will be the big fat loser you are, at anything you touch! A loser so large, that you more than likely won’t even be able to afford a cheeseburger today at lunchtime, let alone ever be able to afford a new vehicle! LMAO…Now GTFOH you loser!

  • David

    Funny thing about consumers I worked in the tire industry for years and they gave a awesome rating to this tire company…now we live in Michigan and being with the world east largest tire dealer and installing thousands just at our location we found the rating was the biggest joke in the industry..they knew nothing of what they were talking about..every consumer that went with this recommendation was a tire return purchase as the worst all season they ever bought, but consumers rated it as number 1 …. So what I always wondered were the recs done on donations or something else other then performance or maybe a biased to influence the market versus help people.

  • David

    It has more to do with they are a green company and that will give a pass…. The company is awesome but if they did have problems I really think consumer would write ” well a small inconvenience ” even if a major issue to infleuence people.

  • jon

    Name calling makes no sense. I guess my ford lighting with 300,000 miles looking new and running strong should be junk now.

  • Derek

    Your telling me the world renowned Cummins turbo diesel “million mile motor” is un-reliable? I think your list is the un-reliable one!

  • Boris Terekidi

    This list is crap. The least reliable cars are german (MB, VW, Audi and BMW), I can give you at least 2 Chrysler vehicles that have tons of issues, Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Acadia are money pits (they literally fall apart after 3 years). I personally know many people who own an Explorer (and 1 guy owns the Flex based Lincoln) and they are super happy with the reliability.

  • les

    Have had (3) Ford Explorer’s staring with the first generation model, 2nd Generation model & now have a Sport Trac. My first two Explorers 1985 & 1999 had a tranny that would switch from 2 wheel drive to AWD.They don’t give you that option anymore. Kept up with Maintenance on both those vehicles and got 335K out of both of them with no major issues and a Tranny replacement at 175K which was expected.

    On the Explorer (2004) Sport Trac decided to invest in the 6yr/100k warranty because I bought it “semi used” from a lady who had the Big C but only had 3500 miles on it pulling it behind their RV & she had it custom painted to match her RV. The tranny went out at 37k right at the end of the 3 yr/36k warranty. Since that time have kept up with all maintenance and have 115K on that vehicle with no issues. In fact not going to ever trade it in because it (2004 model) has the switchable 2-4wd tranny an a lifetime subscription ( I bought) for Sirius Satellite Radio and the radio still works some 12 yrs later.. Best $500 I spent was in that radio!.And buying that Ford 100k autocare warranty $1800.

    YMMV… Now have 2 Volvo’s a 2008 & 2010 with Ford European engines in them.. As long as you do preventative maintenance in them & Change the oil/ belts and hoses. There is no reason to deny Ford Quality; they will last..However YOU have to do your part!

  • les

    Your Mazda was built on 60% by Ford if you bought one in the last 22 years.)

  • les

    My next door Neighbor is a NASCAR mechanic at Richmond Ford he has an F350, F250 and Ford Explorer and his wife drives a Taurus. He Dyno’s engines in his shop. As long as you use US Made parts & a ASE certified mechanic ; if NOT your problems are with the maintenance..

  • les

    Ford owned Land Rover, Volvo, Aston Martin and Jaguar in its Premium Auto division. They still suppliy the 3.0 T engines and T6 engines to Volvo.They are P-3 European Ford Engines
    Ford had cross chassis with some Jaguars and some Lincolns and some Volvo’s . Some Land rover were cross platformed with Expeditions and Excursion vehicles.
    The Jaguar designs for the past 4 years have come from the Ford Design team not TATA. Some people do not realize that Ford even owned 60% of Mazda until just a few years ago now it only holds 10%.
    To say Ford quality is waning in specific cars depends on your sample size and what motivates you to say the things you say. CR has been sticking a dagger into every Ford product for the past 20 years. Can’t name a year in which it or its staff recommended a Ford product..

  • les

    Don’t blame the Infotainment system or Sync on Ford Motor Company. It was written & tested by MICROSOFT. not Ford. Just like Firestone Tires.. Ford got blamed for Other vendors defects not theirs.

  • les

    Gas pedals sticking, killer air bags, unreliable starters, electrical system recalls, Seats that come apart on impact , just to name a few Toyota ones…oh Falsify fuel economy numbers..

  • les

    Sync was written & Tested by MICROSOFT not Ford… put the blame on the infotainment systems where it belongs..

  • Kelly Schrock

    1994 and newer were largely Ford Rangers. Mine is a 1993.

  • Mark

    I have never had a car break down on me. But I have one simple rule. Toyota for off road and hard work. Honda for on road. I do chuckle a lot when I see the cars people buy. Just look at the resale values. Therein lies the truth.

  • Mark

    If your hobby is fixing cars then I agree. You can’t go wrong with Ford, GM , Chrysler etc.

  • Mark

    Never heard of it.

  • Mark

    Yes, agreed, no GM or Chryslers in the top 5. Ha Ha what a joke.

  • Anthony

    I also chuckle when I see people driving…. Hondas and Toyotas, ha ha. I have an Expedition with over 280,000

  • Fred Led

    It’s an American car bashing session!! European cars are a rip off!! I would take my suburban over any over priced piece of shit range rover any day of the week and run it over!!!

  • Ouch!

    With all that experience one would think they could actually figure out how not to make so many lemons! I can remember a time when they were actually more reliable than GM’s offerings and that’s not saying a whole lot.

  • GLK

    That Neanderthal mentality oozing from xtra large American SUV drivers is exactly why every time I see one on the road I instantly think moron behind the wheel. What’s funny is they’re so slow and have such poor handling that whole “I’ll run you over” lunacy only applies if your lumbering ox could actually catch up with traffic, which it can’t. So basically giant SUV ownership is a classic case of overcompensation for a lack of, ahem, hormones. Maybe you should see a doctor?