Top 10 Reasons to Get a Sports Car

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Sports Car

10. Joie de vivre

Just about every car is built to serve a purpose, perhaps with the exception of Nissan’s Murano CrossCabriolet; we’re still trying to figure what a drop-top utility is supposed to accomplish.

On the other hand, pickup trucks are designed to haul loads of firewood and tow bass boats, minivans are meant to take herds of kiddies to little league tournaments, and compact sedans are all about fuel economy. But sports cars are designed to put a smile on the driver’s face. Tight steering, capable brakes and a solid suspension make these vehicles a joy to hustle through twists and turns. If the weather is nice, the tank is full and there’s no traffic, life doesn’t get much better.

If lots of spirited driving is on the menu your car’s not going to get the best fuel economy nor are its tires and brakes going to last for their advertised life-spans, but it doesn’t matter. Sports cars are happy vehicles that are fun to drive. They’re one of life’s greatest things and something everyone should experience.

  • Larry

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  • My GF

    I sent this to my girlfriend for entertainment value… however, her response was far more entertaining:

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    Permission to be a smartass…

    Top 10 Reasons to Get a Sports

    Light and Chuckable

    a. Very good Grug. Lighter car go fast, ugh ugh.

    Bragging Rights

    a. People will be so jealous of you. Especially the
    guy next door with a hot wife and a couple of great kids that are going to take
    care of him in his old age while you are pissing out a tube and reminiscing
    about how great you once had it.

    Aesthetic Appeal

    a. Someone famous was quoted here…there can be no logical
    argument against that…

    Sex Appeal

    a. Yeah, no one will notice your toupee blowing in the wind
    or your 20 lb gut flopping out over your pants while you try to drag your fat
    ass out of a car that’s practically sitting on the ground. Translation: I
    will believe anything if there is hot girl in the commercial.

    Symphonic Sounds

    a. My car sounds so good…yeah I’m pumping poisons into the
    air, increasing childhood occurrences of asthma, and shortening the life of our
    planet as a whole, but…my car sounds so good. Ugh ugh.

    Limited Seating

    a. If a man wants to be an island maybe he shouldn’t move to
    the city.

    Quick Acceleration

    a. Yeah…I’m that guy. You know the one that zips around in
    his car and the hugeness of his dick literally explodes out of the windshield.

    Row ‘em if You’ve
    Got ‘em

    a. Self-shifting…I’ve been doing that since I was 7.


    a. Term originally used to designate the application of the
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    were using Plato as our source of truth…wasn’t he a philosopher who used
    philosophical symbolism to portray much of his political ideology? Fail.

    Joie de vivre

    a. There is a whole wiki page devoted to statistics on
    motorsport driver deaths. Yes…I would say “joy of life” is the
    most accurate description that could be made here.