Top 10 Strangest Rebadged Vehicles

Top 10 Strangest Rebadged Vehicles

2. Toyota Cavalier

In an historical example of receiving the short-end of the stick, a lopsided exchange program was created between General Motors and Toyota. Chevrolet received rebadged Corollas to sell as Prizms in the US while Toyota was burdened with rebadged right-hand drive Cavaliers for consumption in Japan. Yes, the phrase ‘That Cavalier is mad JDM tight yo!’ could exist, but hopefully doesn’t.

  • Chef TRD

    Oddly enough you left out the Toyota Voltz… A rebadged 1st generation Pontiac Vibe which was sold in Japan. Meanwhile the mechanical twin Toyota Matrix was only sold in North America.

  • Ascending…

    Isuzu Ascender.

  • Mike Schlee

    Good one! Completely forgot about that one.

  • burningwar

    Honda Crossroad o.0

  • P.F. Bruns

    *south of the border

  • S88

    There you go, a production v8 honda.

  • Kirby

    Saab 9-2x?

  • thatguy88

    Volkswagen Routan?


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