Top 10 Strangest Rebadged Vehicles

Top 10 Strangest Rebadged Vehicles
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7. Acura SLX

You may notice a theme here between Isuzu and Honda. Isuzu may rival Holden for most rebadged vehicles, but unlike Holden, it went both ways. In addition to the Oasis/Passport swap, Honda also grabbed the Trooper and rebadged it a Honda Horizon in Japan and Acura SLX in North America. Since Isuzu was operating under the General Motors umbrella at the time, versions of the second generation Trooper were also branded as Chevrolets, Holdens, Opels and Vauxhalls.

  • Chef TRD

    Oddly enough you left out the Toyota Voltz… A rebadged 1st generation Pontiac Vibe which was sold in Japan. Meanwhile the mechanical twin Toyota Matrix was only sold in North America.

  • Ascending…

    Isuzu Ascender.

  • Mike Schlee

    Good one! Completely forgot about that one.

  • burningwar

    Honda Crossroad o.0

  • P.F. Bruns

    *south of the border

  • S88

    There you go, a production v8 honda.

  • Kirby

    Saab 9-2x?

  • thatguy88

    Volkswagen Routan?