Top 10 Underrated Cars

Top 10 Underrated Cars

4. Toyota Tacoma

Torque. Horsepower. Payload. Those figures dominate pickup truck ads like a bully on the playground. But if chest beating over maximum capacities isn’t your thing and you still find having a truck useful, consider the Tacoma.

It’s one of the few remaining small pickups on the market, and in many ways it really isn’t all that small.

The long bed is just over 190 inches, which is close to the Tundra’s standard size. More importantly, you probably have a full-size truck if you actually need one. If not, the Tacoma offers a 4.0-liter V6 if you want more power, or a four-cylinder that offers up to 25 highway mpg. With an $18,470 starting price including delivery, it’s affordable too.

  • Russell Murray

    The Dodge minivans have had dodgy brakes since day one and you won’t find many owners who are terribly happy about replacing the rear brakes every 15k miles on the newest ones…

  • Holly

    Why does this look photoshopped into the background, hm…

  • MistyGreen

    Good article. I’d throw the Scion xD in there too. The Nissan cube too? It probably doesn’t deserve the attention. Agree with everything in this list though!

  • Colum Wood

    We had the Cube on our short list. It’s styling is perhaps too out-there for some folks.

  • I hate Holly

    Maybe because it is, ya dumfuq

  • helpful harold

    That’s true, but it can haul a $h!tload and is affordable. You’re probably seeing brakes wearing down b/c the vans are under load a lot.

    Why not just make a point to replace with better units at the first sign of trouble. Should fix it, no?


    What she said^

  • P.F. Bruns

    “While the CR-Z won’t win any drag races, it’s miniature size…”


    I was happy to see my beloved Scion xB on the list.

  • Whatever.

    Sliding doors are a trick up that Dodge Hearse’s sleeve? Where’ve you been for the last 30 years? Also — no one looking at a Smart ForTwo is going to waste a second on a Chevy Spark. It would be like finding a new boutique condo too small and then buying a mobile home to live in.

  • Yutach

    The Kia Soul doesn’t get the consideration it’s worth, thanks to some geniuses at Kia Marketing.

  • Dave

    dodge caravan is underrated? I guess these people have never opened consumer reports to see the new row of solid black circles it makes every year

  • Coss71

    Toyota Tacoma bed at 190″ ???? A 15+foot bed on a quad cab pickup must be a real joy to drive in city. Does it come with a steering tug?

  • Mike F.

    It does seem that nothing on the internet is proof-read these days 😉

    I do own a CR-Z and absolutely love it, so I’m glad it made the list despite the grammar problems.

  • Earthpeace

    Fisker Karma is by far the best looking car ever made. How about the solar panel roof? It’s rarely ever spoken about but does anyone know how hard that was to create? That alone can give it a million dollar price tag. Hong Kong has a Karma on the road for price tag of $1 million dollars after purchased for half that less than few months ago. If you own a Karma even if it has a lemon title it is worth today 50% more than last week. Richard Li is not a car maker. He will most likely sell company in pieces. The karmas with all updates including the lemon ones probably be worth most. Between Aug-Oct was the time to buy these cheap. Especially if you lived in Southern California. Most those buyers probably had no idea that the car they purchased 50-70k is now can sell for 70-100k in Southern CA and as much as double that in no time in East coast and up to 5-10 times that in Asia… Amazing car story!

  • Jeff

    It’s a van, they’re always underrated LOL

  • tre916

    So is that bug rocking the focus STs engine? Those HP and torque numbers sound familiar.

  • tre916

    I wish they’d man up and throw the Civic Si engine in that CR-Z , take it back to its roots.
    If buy it, I miss my CRX :(

  • Aajaxx

    Dodge Caravan? When did they start making them again?

  • Aajaxx

    Corolla underrated? Overrated is more like it.


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