Toronto Police Prep Fast and Furious Blitz

Toronto Police Prep Fast and Furious Blitz

Police in Toronto, Canada are preparing for the release of Fast and Furious 6 by ramping up enforcement along major routes. 

The city’s police department issued a release today saying that enforcement will be enhanced this weekend because, “this movie continues to maintain a following of individuals who believe that the operation of vehicles similar to the way the vehicles are operated in the movie is acceptable and without consequences.”

Specifically, the police are cracking down on impaired driving, seat belt checks, aggressive driving and distracted driving.

The aggressive driving part makes sense, but what is it about Fast and Furious that would make drivers want to talk on the cell phone or eat a burger while driving?

  • Tomo


    – “talking on” a cellphone as they driving crap wannabee cars like morons. They need to call like mind morons

    – “eat a burger” as they usual retards with little social manner

    Besides …… both activities could be undertaken whilst likely watching such dross of a film. 6 movies of absolute poor acting and no story lines. Why did they have to drag the unfortunate automobile into the mix…..