Toyota Launches 2013 Prius Plug-in MPG Challenge

Toyota Launches 2013 Prius Plug-in MPG Challenge

To show off the merits of the Prius Plug-in Hybrid,  Toyota is setting up the Prius MPG challenge that will pit north-eastern based environmentally-conscious, charitable organizations against each other to see who can use the least fuel. 

The challenge will include five waves, each of which will feature up to eight competitors. Each company will be challenged to drive the Plug-in Prius for at least 30 days, travelling no less than 500 miles total and 75 miles each week.

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At the end of the 30-day period, the company that has the best MPG rating will win a $2,500 contribution, while second place gets a $1,000 contribution. Third place organizations will recieve $500, while all involved will get a $200 gas card.

“We see the MPG Challenge as a way to make environmental education fun,” said David Christ, general manager of Toyota’s New York Region. “By tapping regional organizations, we’re able to engage at a local level while demonstrating the Toyota Prius Plug-In’s ability to improve the lives of our fellow community members.”

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