Toyota Petitions Against NHTSA Headlight Regulation

Toyota Petitions Against NHTSA Headlight Regulation

Even after concerns about the Toyota FJ Cruisers blinding headlights, Toyota is pushing NHTSA to relax its stance about its high beam headlights.

While the FJ Cruiser’s blinding lights issues is being worked out, the Japanese automaker is referring to its  new automatic high beam headlight technology, which is currently banned for use in the US. The system allows automatic control of the high beam headlights, and even uses a shade to prevent blinding pedestrians and on-coming traffic. This is possible thanks to a camera and sensor which can detect traffic and pedestrians.

Currently Toyota and its luxury brand Lexus have sold 16,000 vehicles in Japan and Europe with this technology, and is unable to bring the potentially life-saving feature to the US market.

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Other automakers including Audi and Mercedes-Benz are also looking into automatic high-beam technology, but still face similar hurdles.

NHTSA issued a statement in response to the petition, claiming, that it will assess the regulations.

“The agency continues to look at ways in which the federal lighting standard can provide even better illumination for drivers,” NHTSA’s statement said. The regulation was last updated in 1999, and automakers claim that it is preventing change which can help improve driver and pedestrian safety.

According to Automotive News about 2,334 people die in the US due to dark road conditions. Toyota estimates that with its new technology it can help save at least 9 of those killed. A low percentage yes, but better than nothing.

Source: Automotive News