Toyota Wants to Serenade Your Hispanic Mom

Toyota Wants to Serenade Your Hispanic Mom

Break out the flowers, cards and brunch because Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Or in Toyota’s case, try serenading Hispanic moms.

Sorry Italian moms, it looks like you’re out of luck this year. Toyota is offering a chance for Facebook users to send their mothers an Ecard with a personalized message and a video serenade by a mariachi band. This probably won’t replace the traditional fare, but if your mom might like this if she happens to be irrationally enthusiastic about Toyota.

The page will let you pick from six songs and a list of word for “mother” in Spanish. You can also include a personalized message. Toyota says the Mother’s Day campaign will be featured across its social media platforms using the hashtag #paramamá.

AutoGuide’s advice? Don’t forget the flowers. You can also see it for yourself at

  • smartacus

    This is the perfect example of why targeted marketing is a red herring.
    What if you’re one of the millions; excuse me, one of the hundreds of millions who don’t have an hispanic mom?

    The answer is: “oh that’s OK, we at Toyota can’t lose because so many customers buy our cars whether they actually like them or not and that will never change”