Venturi VBB-3 Aiming for Electric Car World Speed Record

Venturi VBB-3 Aiming for Electric Car World Speed Record
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Venturi Automobiles is once again teaming up with The Ohio State University to push the limits on the FIA world speed record for electric vehicles.

Currently, Venturi holds the record with a 307.58 mph run in its previous vehicle, the Venturi VBB-2.5. The newest iteration, the VBB-3, will aim to hit 372.82 mph this year before attempting a run at 434.96 mph next year.

The Venturi VBB-3 packs 3,000 hp and is the most powerful electric car ever built, if you even want to call it a car. Regardless, the VBB-3 will be unveiled at the Bonneville Salt Flats on August 10-16, 2013 during Speedweek before it’ll attempt the record run on September 12 and 18, 2013.

Roger Schroer will once again be the man behind the wheel, a test driver for the Transportation Research Center in Ohio. He was the driver for the VBB-2.5 when it set the current record.

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