VW Bringing GTI Concept to Wörthersee

VW Bringing GTI Concept to Wörthersee

Volkswagen likes to show off exciting new vehicles at its Wörthersee meet every year, and for 2013, the brand is debuting a new high-performance GTI Concept that foreshadows what we might see in a future version of the sporty Golf. 

VW R&D Boss Dr Ulrich Hackenberg confirmed to Car Magazine that the concept will be shown off at the Wörthersee GTI meet, though he offered little detail. “It won’t have as much power as the Golf GTI W12 (shown above),” said Hackenberg. “It will be more realistic.” The GTI Concept he is referring to was powered by a Bentley-sourced twin-turbo W12 engine that made 641 hp, a figure which won’t be hard to fall short of.

This new concept may be previewing an Edition 40 version of the GTI, which is likely to be produced to celebrates the car’s 40th birthday. Hackenberg also divulged that the electronically controlled differential found in the current GTI is not being pushed to its limit, and could probably handle around 23 more hp than the current performance pack-equipped car, pushing the total output to 250 hp.

Other expectations for this GTI Concept include a carbon fiber roof and subsequent weight savings.

 [Source: Car Magazine]

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