Five-Point Inspection: 2013 BMW M6

Five-Point Inspection: 2013 BMW M6

2. Great MPG

What doesn’t get old, on the other hand, is how efficient the car is. Remember those output figures? It wasn’t long ago that such ferocious performance meant suffering through mpgs in the low teens – if not the single digits. Not so anymore.

After a week of driving with occasionally spirited takeoffs, the car reported an average 19 mpg, which is just below the EPA’s highway figure. Impressive to say the least.

  • Tim

    How can you hate the stop-start but then say you love the mpg right after. That’s like saying you want to eat french fries three meals a day but never gain any weight. Makes sense…

  • Jenny

    OMG interior

  • mikelikescars

    Why can’t they build a smaller version of this car? It would be so cool if the M4 looked like a miniature version of this thing…

  • Michael

    I’m actually not a fan of how the BMWs look these days. If they would go back to the E36 days I’d be all about it (hipster comment, I know). But seriously, these bulbous hoochie mamma cars are too much.

    Bring me back to the days when cars were cars and people other than greased up investment bankers and dope pushers could afford the good stuff. I guess that’s why I’ll never buy new. Alas.