2014 Ford Fiesta SFE Package to Get 41 MPG Highway

2014 Ford Fiesta SFE Package to Get 41 MPG Highway

The 2014 Ford Fiesta has a wide range of mechanical options, from a fuel-saving 3-cylinder engine right up to a track-focused ST model, but Ford isn’t done yet. For 2014, the Fiesta SFE returns, with more fuel savings than ever. 

The SFE package, which stands for Super Fuel Economy, tweaks the aerodynamics and engine tuning on the car, and is expected to take the Fiesta’s highway fuel efficieny rating to at least 41 mpg when equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Currently, the 2013 Fiesta is rated at 29 mpg city and 39 highway without the SFE package, though with it the highway number hops to 40 mpg. If the new car does push past 40 mpg, the Fiesta will become the most efficient subcompact on the market, pushing past the Chevy Sonic and Nissan Versa which are both pegged at 40 mpg highway.

Fuel economy numbers for the 1.0-liter Ecoboost are yet to be released, but they are expected to put the Fiesta around the 40 mpg as well.

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  • Soakee

    The 40mpg with the 1.0L should be the city rating. the highway rating should be in the very high 40’s.

  • chavitz

    Both Ford and GM’s claims on mpg are not liable at all. These two automakers are historically pathetic liars in almost every their claims from quaility, reliabiltiy, Horse power, mpg, etc.

  • jeffrey

    The Nissan Versa with the 1.2 liter three cylinder engine is rated at 48 and I have gotten as high as mid 70’s with it

  • Colum Wood

    Where do you live that you get the Versa with the 1.2?