2014 Mercedes S-Class Clip Highlights Tech

2014 Mercedes S-Class Clip Highlights Tech

Mercedes officially unveiled its all-new S-Class two weeks ago brimming with high-end technology. Now a new video from the brand is showing some of those systems in action.

The maker felt understandably compelled to explain some of its car’s strangely named features. “Magic Body Control,” for example, is disappointingly devoid of witches, giants and lightning-scarred teenage boys. Then again, Harry Potter is British, so that would probably be more fitting in a Jaguar ad. Scratch that. It doesn’t fit anywhere.

But Magic Body Control does, as the video shows while driving over train tracks and rough pavement. Using cameras to scan the road, it prepares the suspension before a bump, pothole or other such imperfection.

There’s also an “air-balance” package, which scents and improves the quality of air flowing through the cabin.

Other features use more straightforward names like “Stop&Go Pilot,” which will brake and accelerate for you in traffic jams.

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