2014 RAM 1500 3.0L Diesel a $2850 Option with 420 lb-ft

2014 RAM 1500 3.0L Diesel a $2850 Option with 420 lb-ft

Ram is aiming straight for the heart of pickup truck buyers everywhere by bringing a new diesel engine to the 1500, which is officially rated at 240 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque.

The 3.0-liter EcoDiesel, as the brand calls it, is also expected to deliver upwards of 28 mpg on the highway, besting the most efficient Ram, the V6-equipped 1500 HFE by 3 mpg. And if that isn’t enough to excite you, the EcoDiesel engine will only cost a $2850 premium over the HEMI V8 models.

Full pricing was not announced, but the brand did divulge the base price for the Ram will be climbing slightly to $25,295. A new front-park assist system has also been added to the truck.

Changes are in store for Ram’s heavy duty trucks as well, including the availability of a new 6.2-liter V8 and airbag suspension.

That big V8 churns out 410 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque, and will represent the top of the line engine when it comes to gasoline-powered Rams. Of course, the Cummins turbo-diesel is still available on HD models in different versions, the most powerful of which makes 385 hp and 850 lb-ft of torque.

Air suspension can now be had on both 2500 and 3500 models as well. On the 2500s, the airbags will fully replace the standard suspension’s coil springs, while in the 3500 the bags will work in tandem with the truck’s leaf-sprung suspension.

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  • dubya

    WTF where the heck is the MANUAL TRANSMISSION, even a lame little VW TDI offers a manual trans, but not a pickup. Is the management at FIAT/CRYCO that STUPID

  • NoMo Mopar

    Airbags as supplement to coil or leaf springs, great! Airbags as sole suspension on the 2500? WTF? Engineers on crack. Hope they have a very good warranty, I don’t care if they offer a 6.2 or a 8.6L gas engine in the 2500. If they think I’m going to get bent over and buy a 3500 to get a real suspension, they’re terribly mistaken. I was ready to jump off the Mopar ship because they offered 6.2’s in grocery getterz 1st and not trucks where they belonged. Dodge failed to deliver powerful gas engines in their HD’s, now they shot themselves in the foot for 3/4 tons. Dodge pulled its head out of its ass long enough to get one breath of fresh air, then they dove back into the darkness. Guess I’m currently driving the last Dodge of many. I’ll send pics from the “other side” and let y’all know how life is with a Chevy or Toyota that has a whole suspension under it. Ford, you guys are out! I got sick and tired of working on my F150, Sable, & Explorer every time the moon or tides changed. You can chrome and polish a turd, but it’s still a POS underneath

  • jb-hunter

    Other side?
    I own a 2013 GMC 2500HD 6.0 Gas and it is the biggest turd I have ever drove for power. I pull 9K## camper and pulled same camper with 2010 Dodge hemi and a 2011 GMC 1500 MAx Tow Pack (6.2L). Loved power and crature comforts of the dodge, could not keep it out of shop under warranty issues and a 2011 6.2L GMC Heavy Half (should have never traded). The GMC 2500 won’t handle the camper power or suspension and better than either 1/2 ton I had (Both 1/2 tons had Goodyear ride right bags) and for sure not the power of the Hemi or GMC 6.2L. wish every day somebosy would total the 2500 for me! Love the looks of the truck, I hate it everything about using it as a truck.

  • Syddog

    Say what u will about the Ram 1500. I must be the driver they designed this Truck for. I love the comfort, the Hemi power and I have towed a 6000 lb. cargo trailer from Ma. to Fl. twice and made the trip like it was not even there and still averaged 12 mpg.s. I traded an 08 Ford f 350 diesel which at 47000 puked with clogged Egr coolers. The truck sat in the shop for over thirty days. Ford put in a new lower end free of charge. However with my warranty about to expire I felt very uneasy about keeping it. I love this Ram.

  • sizzler

    Has anyone tried the Ford F-250 6.7 Diesel?

  • any brand is fine

    So I guess you think semi tractors have springs on them? Maybe you should take a look at one some day and see how semi tractors and trailers are suspended these days. IMO that is gonna be huge as you have been able to buy full air suspension retrofit kits from a few companies for a number of years for 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. About time a factory took the bull by the horns and offered it as an option.

  • UAW EX’r

    no it wasn’t fiat, it was UAW owned portion that made that decision, why do we want to work harder to make two different vehicles when our subjects will buy what we tell them to

  • A trucker

    Evidently you don’t realise that “heavy trucks” like peterbuilt and kenworth and the rest have been running air bag suspension sence the 70’s. You let us know how that jap powered chevy. Or that toyota that is running on rice patty suspention holds up with a real load behind it. LOL!!

  • Stephan Craenen

    I think that they’re going to regret putting in a Fiat/ Iveco diesel engine… Nothing but trouble with these over here in Europe..

  • Jared

    Numbers are just numbers, but I wish it would of came out on top of the Hemi for torque. Now I just feel like I’m paying 3k for a 3 mpg gain. And I wonder if/how the ride will change with the suspension changes in the 2500. Right now my ‘07.5 2500 Cummins rides like a brick empty.

  • kalo

    Great way to put it,all true

  • Reason

    The MPG will be MUCH better than that. Just like their speculations for the MPG on the 5.9 were higher than they actually were. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about people getting over 30mpg on the highway, especially after modifying the truck.

  • QinVA

    I feel the same way about Fords. Drove them for many years. Didn’t realize how bad they were until I bought a different brand. I thought all American vehicles needed the work the Fords did – surprise! I had a Duramax, DRW – loved it but the dealer sucked. Traded it for a RAM. 2012 (pre DEF) HO Cummins DRW 3500. I’m not in the market anytime soon for a new one, so I can let the dust settle and see what falls out with the new suspensions. Thinking about adding airbags to get the suspension off the springs on rough interstates when I’m empty. I actually go airborne over some of the patches around Hampton Roads. Don’t know
    if it will help or make it worse. I guess it would be cheaper to bolt in a couple chunks of pig iron in the bed.

  • QinVA

    Hell, my old knees won’t take a truck clutch anymore, and the auto Cummins have more power. Is it the lower cost or what? I don’t care if I never drive stick again.

  • Wesley Hastings

    Finally a truck made for girls.

  • John

    If you need a 2500 or 3500 you should be working with it not bitching about the ride! Your
    obviously the reason why diesels are so expensive. You drive yours to work in a suit an tie. Buy a 1500 and leave the 2500 and 3500 to real men

  • bruce

    Are you an idiot? Who buys a hd truck with a gas motor? If you need an hd truck and power you buy a diesel not a v8! I’ll show you pictures of my 2012 diesel dodge with a tune and dfp delete with almost 1000 ft at the rear wheels. Put your chevy gas up against that! Gtfoh with you bs!

  • bill

    The new auto trans are way better holding power than the manual! Everything will be auto as time progresses. It has nothing to do with management, if you knew anything you would retract your statement! Get educated before you post crap!

  • Jared

    Will do bud. You’re obviously an expert and know more than me… Sorry I’m making diesels more expensive for ya, maybe just drive you’re Metro to work your 9-5 at Bed Bath and Beyond a couple more days a week.

  • Hoooooo-Ey!

    Nice reply Jared. John must be so busy working he can’t find the time not to be an asshole.

  • Keith

    28mpg? Imperial gallons? how many litres per 100km? and what does this engine weigh? it all comes down to power to weight ratio, and off road those big heavy diesel trucks don’t perform well, I would be impressed if this wasn’t heavier than the Hemmi.

  • dmax

    That ‘jap’ powered chevy engine was one of wards top 10 engines when it first came out and is far superior to anything else american made that goes under the hood of a gm made truck. Typical racist comment with no actual data to back up claims. I have a 10 year old gmc 2500 duramax that has been the most reliable truck I have ever owned and rides like a dream loaded or unloaded. At the end of the day all trucks will have there issues and there is no brand that is making a superior product just a choice of personal preference.

  • Lil-Dog

    The main reason for autos with the Diesel engines.. Emissions. Much easier to maintain boost and load with the auto for emissions regulations than the rev up and down of manual transmissions.

    I have high hopes for the smaller diesel in the trucks for mileage and power. I have owned Dodge/Cummins trucks since ’96 and won’t ever have gas engines again.

  • JFM

    3K dollars gets you a 3MPG gain over the V6 model Ram NOT the Hemi. That EcoDiesel will crush the Hemi in fuel consumption ratings.

  • BobRae

    If it was a Canadian magazine, it would be quoting l/100km. At 28mpg (US) it will consume about 8L/100km. As to performance, it isn’t a race car but a luxury/work truck so the performance/fuel economy is what is important to most consumers. The 2500/3500 trucks are much heavier and a different animal compared to the 1500 series.

  • Rexford L

    auto transmission are better for people that don’t know how to drive a stick, there’s no reason why the manufacturer couldn’t make the manual drivetrain to handle anything the engine could throw at it, making it have as much power as the auto.

  • john

    They need to put a turbo-diesel in the power wagon.

  • Alex

    I agree. Fiat sucks

  • Alex

    Sure they are better. But I like my G56 because I’m not as smart as others and prefer to downshift faster than a machine.
    Not sure for how long but the diesel HD Ram 25-3500 does have the G56 as an option. Paired up with the Cummins it makes for a great truck . I own my second one now and after the deletes is even better

  • Gene Bays

    When can I order a new 1500Diesel

  • kevin brabender

    perfect for u bitch

  • Lucky

    I just purchased a 2014 crew cab ram 1500 demo 3.0L diesel last weekend. It had 600 miles on it with average of 33 mph it got 23 mpg. On the highway at 62 mph today, it was getting 31 mpg. Its crazy for a full size crew cab pickup. I traded my old 2008 Hemi 5.7L mid grad gas guzzler quad cab for it and love the new truck.

  • disqus_tNWL6ZIBES

    And the maintenance cost? The added puchace cost of the diesel, the higher price of diesel fuel, the really low tow rating. Not worth it.