2014 Toyota Corolla Photos Leaked

2014 Toyota Corolla Photos Leaked

The first photos of the 2014 Toyota Corolla have leaked online ahead of its official debut, with some details also slipping out on the Japanese automaker’s compact sedan.

Thanks to leaked photos by AutoWeek, its easy to see the new model sporting a more aggressive design, something that has never been seen on any past Corolla models. In terms of size, the 2014 Corolla will have a 3.93-inch longer wheelbase and a 3.9-inch longer body than its predecessor. The interior looks to be more high-end than economy, heavily influenced by the larger Avalon.

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More details on the 2014 Toyota Corolla will be coming soon when the vehicle is officially unveiled, so stay tuned.

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GALLERY: 2014 Toyota Corolla Leaked Photos


GALLERY: 2014 Toyota Corolla Official Photos


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  • Stacey Hubbard

    I hope this looks better in person…

  • Oh no,way better than VW Jetta?and I am a VW fan?

  • daffff

    toyota spitting in the faces of their customers by offering the same tired old 1.8 and a 4 speed auto. These “engineers” should be so very proud of themselves.

  • B Sensible

    no body beats toyota when it comes to corolla!

  • CA_Refugee

    WOW! Take an already ugly car and make it more so. Must have been taking design lessons from Mazda… I think I just barfed in my mouth a little…

  • whyoulookn

    why didn’t they offer the concept instead? upgrading the look of the car, you would think they would upgrade the engine as well.

  • Richard Joash Tan

    and you are a bullshit!!!!!!