2015 Honda Civic to Gain Efficiency, Direct Injection

2015 Honda Civic to Gain Efficiency, Direct Injection

Honda will soon begin to blend the staple Civic with its so-called “Earth Dreams” technology.

The move will help Honda’s compact car to better compete with Toyota as it begins offering its new Corolla. For Honda, that means the Civic will finally get a direct-injected engine in a powertrain mated to a continuously-variable transmission. Other Earth Dreams powertrain options for the car could include a hybrid drivetrain.

While Honda hasn’t announced a clear timeline for the transition, Honda executive Tetsuo Iwamura told Automotive News that cars are typically re-engineered every two years or so. Given that timeline and the Corolla’s coming release, the Civic will likely gain drivetrain updates for the 2015 model year.

“We’ll be doing it for the Civic. The Civic has to evolve,” Iwamura said. “But we have to consider what timing works best.”

When that happens, the Civic will benefit from improved fuel efficiency.

“Gasoline prices are stabilizing in the mid-$3-a-gallon range, and Detroit is selling quite a few pickups,” Iwamura said. “Yet while the average person sees those numbers, their income hasn’t risen that much. It’s wrong to say Americans don’t care about fuel economy. They care.”

[Source: Automotive News]

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