2016 Jeep Wrangler Details Hinted at in Job Postings

2016 Jeep Wrangler Details Hinted at in Job Postings

Based on job descriptions posted on Chrysler’s careers website, it appears that the American automaker is recruiting new talent for its next-generation Jeep Wrangler model due in 2016.

The descriptions reveal that the next-gen Wrangler will go on an extreme diet, much like what RAM did for its 2013 1500 pickup. This points that the Wrangler Stitch concept that Jeep showed off at this year’s Moab Easter Jeep Safari will heavily influence the next-generation design.

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Jeep is seeking to use high-strength steels for its frame and will scrap some of its steel body panels for lighter weight aluminum. The RAM 1500 used advanced high-strength steels to shed 30 pounds. To help increase fuel economy, the 2016 Jeep Wrangler could incorporate the air suspension found on the Grand Cherokee and RAM. Not only would it provide extra clearance when necessary, it would help reduce drag on the Wrangler at highway speeds.

Also from the job descriptions, Jeep hinted at the possibility of a diesel engine in the Wrangler as well as incorporating the automaker’s eight-speed automatic transmission.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • BillyBobJoeJohn


  • DiscoBayJoe

    They need to release a Wrangler Fordyce Edition – Diesel, Automatic, Factory Dana 60 / Full Float Axle configuration, and tubular Johnny-Joint style control arms, 3 Link’d in the Rear on 37’s. I’d be first in line with $60K easy.

  • Tom h

    I would buy an air ride 8 speed diesel unlimited with 33’s it needs a D40’s in it. Oh and keep it under $40K please and thanks

  • Andy

    It’ll be the finest Fiat around 😉

  • Dee

    Definitely buy the diesel but please bring back the cooper color and I’ll head for the nearest dealership

  • pschoggens

    Yes, agree to just build one with D60s full floating axles, and I like the ARBs vs the ‘did break’ 03 Rubicon lockers, give it long arms on 6″ offroadonly air ride, with diesel engine and 4:88s in the diff, I will be next in line. 8D

  • HostileConCepts

    I can say only one thing, And that is “STICKER PRICE” It’s what really counts!!

  • bill

    I think I want the heater/defroster

  • Nit Picker

    Diesel Wrangler – the boy that cried wolf.

  • kicker4u2c@hotmail.com

    I would have to seriously think about going into debt for a diesel Wranger… but they better put a 3.9 Cummins in it.

  • Uncle Piet

    An aluminum bodied, diesel wrangler Rubicon (lockers and sway bar disconnect) with eight-speed automatic transmission and the Grand Cherokee air suspension… Sign me up!

    Option it with RCV axle shafts, NAV, Bluetooth, snorkel, seat warmers, and a winch…. BABY!
    But we know this is not likely to happen…

  • ChuckDodge

    I only have one question, when and where do i sign. The thought of taking what is already the best off roading vehicle and giving it more torque than i could ever wish for. YYYYEEESSSSS!!!!

  • shanna

    off the subject for a minute. Can someone help me find where to sell my brand new jeep parts. I am new to jeeps and parts and forums. I just modified my jeep but I am lost.

  • James

    try various jeep forums, many have for sale sections also you can craigslist it for f2f or even ebay

  • ElRio

    I’ve been running in a Wrangler since I could drive. I’ll believe the diesel (again) rumor when I see it. The Liberty diesel was excellent and Jeep hid it in a corner, didn’t market it at all, and put out low production numbers to be sure it would fail. Now they fight for them on the used car lots if you can ever find one! “Jeep is asleep”, that’s my motto. “Extreme Diet” are buzz words for cheap materials, lower production costs, higher sticker prices, and bigger margins! My Rubicon was 31K back in 05! How is it that a little company like Brute has been killing them with the conversion for years (where you have to cut, reinforce, and re-weld the frame) and Jeep still hasn’t figured it out? Zzzzzz…. For the past 7 years Jeep has been chasing the yuppy crowd as the NHTSA (the new arm of GM) push them around with totally unfounded recalls. I wonder if Jeep plans on moving the fuel cell from high center back to the rear? How are you liking those big ridiculous cheap looking plastic fenders and fancy power windows? From cast iron and metal to aluminum and plastic, I’ll keep my 05 Rubicon 6 speed and just rebuild when I wear her out. As far as I’m concerned the 05-06 Rubicons SWB remains the holy grail of a long legacy of the last real Wranglers. I liked the YJ better than the new Wrangler. I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next!

  • Wayne Fenwick

    You can always paint it any color you want

  • KewlDawg

    All I want, is to have Selec-Trac (FT AWD) as an option.

  • Pleasant Lake Pirate

    you are 100% correct. The JK crowd is totally different then the rest of us. I’m sure what they come out with next will only be worse.. never sell your TJ

  • Laurent Faster Racing

    hi guys’s
    i’m living in France, i have a ’13 rubicon unlimited with the 2.8 diesel turbo CRD, many torque (400lbs)and 240hp with a power ship… and only 12l /100kms; i know gas version in US, i like it too but in Europe the gas is to expensive (gas1.6€/liter and diesel 1.3€/liter)!!! we have more than 90% diesel véhicule in Europe.
    i think in US some people are intersting to buy JK diesel version, but i think american people don’t like diesel in a car, just in truck’s…

  • 2cents

    I have a few jeeps with tdi’s in them…. People love them here, but not the Government.

    Chrysler is like any Government group, they are clueless. They put Diesel’s in Libertys and Full Size Cherokees, but not Wranglers.. Ass backwards.

    Welcome to the United States of Socialist America.

  • 2cents

    I own two…Just have to buy old ones and put them in….

    Factory..well… Government Motors and Chryslersocialist will never figure it out…

    If only Ford would make a jeep type vehicle again…

  • Tim

    I would l love to have a 2.8 diesel in my wrangler. But they are not made available in the us market because the oil lords have influences on the the auto makers ( burn more oil ) sad but true take some time and follow the monies

  • laurent Faster Racing

    hello Jeeper’s,
    just to info, Jeep in Europe is doing so many sales since the Diesel are on all jeep models, new 2.8 diesel turbo with 200hp Wrangler Sport 2 doors soft top, 6speeds with stop and start system, uconnect radio, heater seats not leather,cruise control, alloys 17″ wheels, pricing is 29900€ with tax.
    may be in USA is to expensive and jeep is not certain to sale at this price for USA market…

    if you want i can do import them on american market…