683 Miatas Parade for Guinness World Record

683 Miatas Parade for Guinness World Record

Popular throughout the world, it’s surprising nonetheless that enthusiasm for the Mazda MX-5 Miata is perhaps nowhere greater than in Lelystad, Netherlands.

An unlikely location, over the weekend it became the new home of a Guinness World Record, with Miata owners gathering to establish a new record for the “largest parade of Mazda cars.”

In total 683 MX-5s joined together to parade on the roads around the RDW Test Centre in Lelystad, topping the previous record Mazda parade (also of MX-5s) set in Essen Germany in 2010.

With 1,450 participants at the event, special models in attendance included a racing MX-5 driven by Dutch TV personality Allard Kalff with Mazda Motor Europe CEO Jeff Guyton riding shotgun.

To complete the festivities, over 250 MX-5 drivers stuck around to form a drive-in movie theater, picking their preferred flick by honking their horns. The most noise was made for Arbitrage staring Richard Gere, nearly doubling the number of people who have now seen the film.

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  • MistyGreen

    That’s the only time those drivers won’t feel like the smallest thing on the road. 🙂