Acura TSX May Be Phased Out

Acura TSX May Be Phased Out

Although Acura’s vice president of national sales has said that the TSX will remain in the lineup for “for the foreseeable future,” poor European sales and model overlap may force the company to ditch the TSX.

The current TSX rides on the same platform as the European Honda Accord, which is slightly smaller than the North American Accord. Due to poor sales in Europe, the Accord is not likely to continue, while a new model isn’t looking likely either. That means that the North-American TSX will lose its underpinnings.

Overlap between the TSX, the smaller ILX and the slightly larger TL is also presenting a problem for the brand. Price ranges from $27,795 for a base ILX, up to $36,800 for a base TL, while the TSX sits in the middle starting at $31,405. For 2014, Acura will shrink the TL slightly to make room for the brand’s new flagship, the RLX, which will move the already closely positioned cars even tighter together. 

The shrinking TL is also the best selling-car in the brand’s lineup, so it would make some sense for Acura to kill off the aging TSX, and try to amalgamate its sales into TL sales.

According to Automotive News, Acura dealers have not been informed of this possible shake up yet, and still expect the 2014 TSX to arrive on time in September.

[Source: Automotive News]

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