Anthony Foxx Approved as New Transportation Secretary

Anthony Foxx Approved as New Transportation Secretary

The U.S. Senate has unanimously approved Charlotte, N.C. Mayor Anthony Foxx to take over the role of U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary, replacing Ray LaHood.

As mayor of Charlotte, Foxx supported mass transit and smart growth development, helping provide a variety of transportation choices to his city. However, Foxx has little experience working with the automotive industry.

Fox promises to continue in LaHood’s footsteps in focusing on safety and helping reduce distracted driving and will work with Congress and the transportation community to find new ways to fund highway projects and other infrastructure needs.

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He will now be in charge of about 53,000 full-time employees and will control more than a $72 billion in budget authority.

  • smartacus

    Dear Anthony Foxx;

    We know why you were nominated

    We know you don’t have experience with the automotive industry.

    We know you were Mayor of Charlotte.

    We know autocratic bullying style only works when there is nobody above you, and this is not the same job as being Mayor. There will be nobody believably backing you up telling the press what a fine job you are doing. For the first time in your career you will experience having to answer real questions.

    And maintaining transparency falls on your shoulders alone. Nobody else gets to take a fall for you as Secretary.