Aptera Models Still in the Works, Aiming for 2014 Release

Aptera Models Still in the Works, Aiming for 2014 Release

Aptera production is one year behind schedule according to its owner, but the automaker is hoping to have its gasoline-powered 2g model on sale by early 2014.

Zaptera USA purchased the assets of failed Aptera Motors last year and initiated a plan to have the vehicle’s aerodynamic, composite chassis manufactured in China while a California-based operation would assemble and install the electric powertrains. But delays in ramping up production in China has slowed progress, so company founder Richard Derringer has created a second company called Aptera USA to build the 2e entirely in America.

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The first Aptera vehicle to hit the market however will be a gasoline-powered 2g with a target fuel economy of 100 mpg. After that, the original EV will follow that still has a goal of hitting 200 mpg. A hybrid model is also under consideration.

Aptera USA has ambitious plans of producing vehicles while simultaneously developing the assembly line in China. It is also considering a second manufacturing facility in California to start divisions manufacturing electric motorcycles and trucks.

[Source: Fox News]

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  • pvphoto

    As a long time supporter it looks like it’s time to move on. I see no likelihood that this car will ever be produced, to bad I always stood up to the doubters but there is no chance that this is the truth.

  • jstack6

    2014 could finally be the time. They will have a hard time beating the price of a 100% electric Smart-ED that can also go 100 miles and has more room. They are only about $25K before incentives!