Aston Martin Heritage Showroom Opens in UK

Aston Martin Heritage Showroom Opens in UK

British automaker Aston Martin has opened its Heritage Showroom at its historic Newport Pagnell site in the U.K.

The new Heritage Showroom will be the first time the automaker will sell classic models straight to the consumer. Customers will also be able to work with Aston Martin’s restoration team which will be located on site. For 50 years, from 1957 to 2007, the British automaker’s main factory was located in Newport Pagnell and many of the brand’s classics were built there.

Housed within the restored Olympia building, the new Heritage Showroom most recently served as a body shop for Aston Martin’s restoration team. It now provides space for a variety of classic Aston Martin models up to and including the DB7. The facility can also be booked for conferences and special events. Visitors will also get to enjoy plenty of Aston Martin history at the showroom with displays of memorabilia showcasing the brand’s rich history.

GALLERY: Aston Martin Heritage Showroom


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