Audi Electric Cars Not Coming Any Time Soon: R&D Boss

Audi Electric Cars Not Coming Any Time Soon: R&D Boss

Audi won’t be investing heavily, if at all, into electric cars in the near future, R&D chief Wolfgang Dürheimer said at a recent event in Germany.

Recently, Audi announced that it wouldn’t be offering the R8 e-tron to its customers, despite investing years into developing the electric supercar.

Dürheimer doesn’t believe that electric cars can perform properly in everyday circumstances. He seemed skeptical about the progress of energy density in automotive batteries, and said Audi doesn’t want to ask for government subsidies but also refuses to ask its conventional car customers to fund electric car development.

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The automaker has a similar stance with its hydrogen-powered A7, which Dürheimer confirmed will not be put into production within the next 10 years. Again, he believes that the market has failed to develop despite other automakers looking towards the alternative energy as a viable source. “Energy density and cost will have to take a huge leap for the battery-electric vehicle to become interesting,” Dürheimer said.

It is unfortunate that the R8 e-tron won’t see production, but will continue being developed as testing vehicles for the automaker. Undoubtedly, data gathered from the R8 e-tron program will benefit Audi’s hybrids in the future.

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  • kEiThZ

    I’m looking forward to Tesla proving him wrong about the market. Audi is behind on the tech and doesn’t want to admit it. They’ll wake up once Tesla starts taking sales from them.