Audi Owners are the Most Adulterous: Study

Audi Owners are the Most Adulterous: Study

According to UK’s leading married dating site, Illicit Encounters, Audi owners are the most adulterous with 22.21 percent of cheaters driving Audi vehicles.

That means Audi has dethroned BMW in the last 12 months as the most popular automaker among cheaters, at least those registered on the website. BMW accounted for 13.79 percent while Mercedes-Benz was in third with 8.73 percent. Given that the website is based in the UK however, it’s not surprising that European automakers are an overwhelming favorite.

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Coming in fourth place was Volvo with 7.55 percent, and fifth was Volkswagen with 5.74 percent. As for the automaker with the least amount of cheaters? Peugeot at 0.38 percent.

The study surveyed the site’s 800,000 members to determine what vehicles they own.

[Source: Illicit Encounters]

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