Audi Parking Pilot Project Pays Meter Wirelessly

Audi Parking Pilot Project Pays Meter Wirelessly

Few things are more annoying than getting out of your car and fishing for change to feed a parking meter.

That’s why Audi is experimenting with a new technology that will eliminate the need to find a card or fussing with loose chance to pay for parking. Instead, Audi connect will be able to pay wirelessly by establishing a link between the car and parking lot.

A trial of the system is currently taking place in Ingolstadt, Germany, and involves up to 13,000 test cars. The trial involves the cars connecting with parking lots via an individual radio frequency identification transmitter. For now, those cars are equipped with a transponder mounted on the inside of the windshield, providing a link to the car.

The test is being conducted in partnership with the Ingolstadt Economic Development Agency, which operates nine parking lots around the city. Participants will receive a monthly bill for their parking charges and money will be withdrawn from their bank accounts.

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