BMW European Delivery Goes from Dream to Disaster

BMW European Delivery Goes from Dream to Disaster

One of the more extravagant offerings BMW has for new-car buyers is to take European delivery of their vehicle. What could possibly go wrong with flying to Germany to pick up your new Bimmer at the BMW Welt and driving it on the Nurburgring before it gets shipped to America? As it turns out, lots.

Unfortunately for one M3 buyer, everything went wrong with his recent European Deliver experience, and he’s taken to the world wide web to voice his displeasure. M3Post forum member b-thumper ordered a 2013 E92 M3 in Atlantis Blue with Blue deviated stitching and the Individual piano trim. After arriving in Germany and checking into his hotel, he arrived early for his European delivery appointment.

To his surprise, the vehicle BMW has waiting for him wasn’t Atlantis Blue – it was Atlantic Blue. After consulting with several of the workers, including the person responsible for his European delivery, b-thumper was confronted with the bad news that there was likely an error at the factory in Germany. The offer was made to repaint the car, though that didn’t sit well for b-thumper who felt a re-painted car wasn’t what he ordered – and paid a premium for.

After waiting several hours back at his hotel, b-thumper was eventually given an X1 to drive instead of an M3. Hardly a suitable replacement, that became all the more obvious on the Nurburgring. Instead of having a sporty coupe to take around the world’s greatest track, he was stuck with an X1 that he simply took one lap in and “was thankful to be off the track as quickly as possible.”

Looking to rectify the situation b-thumper was eventually given the incorrectly-painted M3 to drive around while he was in Germany and the German automaker agreed to build him a new M3 with the paint shade that he originally ordered. Unfortunately, good news came with bad news: BMW would not be able to include the deviated leather stitching he originally ordered. Why? As it turns out, the M3 is only in production for a few more weeks and the lead time on the interior is eight weeks.

As of now, the issue still isn’t resolved and BMW hasn’t offered the buyer any sort of monetary compensation yet, except for two tickets to the BMW Museum.

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  • Yutach

    Wow. That sucks.

  • Noe Japan

    B thumper … Bum thumper …. Sounds like an m3 driver. What does top gear of the uk say?

  • Dave

    Thats nothing, what about the Australian they thought ordered G-day blue

  • joe

    It would be just a day job to swap the seats and panels of both cars, so the customer get’s what he ordered. This sound like a very bad handling from customer service. So hopefully this gets to an higher level at BMW corporate…

  • Real World

    So sad, the problems he has

  • M3 4 Life

    ouch… the stress of that color change might give him cancer and kill him faster than he gets on the Nuremburg. BMW can’t seem to get every single detail correct.. Bet the buyer didn’t read the contract very carefully when signing and was soooo gleeful with the euro delivery discount!

  • Scott

    Honestly. This article reminds me that money just gives people more minutia to get upset about. No deviated stitching! Oh the horror!

  • Irene Phillips Bernardo

    You can make fun all you want, but if it happened to you, I bet you’d be extremely disappointed, as well. We took European Delivery on our M5 in 1991 and it was a heavenly trip. We were treated like royalty when we picked up the car. We will never forget the experience and I still remember the M5 with fondness. We drove through 4 countries and enjoyed several weeks of vacation. We took products to detail our baby and visited a few dealerships. I wrote an article in the Roundel about the trip and will never equal it. Even though I now drive a Toyota Sequoia, I greatly miss that bright red, hot rod! If you ever get the chance to buy a car through that program, don’t hesitate a moment! Irene Bernardo, Top of the Line

  • Kwami

    I would just ask BMW to take the interior out of the one I was driving and stick it into the new one and be done with it.

  • Nem

    They should make it right do what they can to make him a new car as I know they can, and pay for a new trip as he’s a faithful
    Customer that paid a premium to get the car he wanted

  • mister2d

    Swapping the interior was offered, but he declined.

  • Jjojo2004

    EVERYONE knows the E9X is going out of production soon. BMW is not going to hold up that process just for one customer who is being picky. They already offered to build him a new car in the correct color–but he DECLINED the custom interior to be swapped out by BMW themselves? This is not some backwoods shadetree mechanic offering this–this is BMW themselves, the folks that BUILT the car. The owner is just being a damn DOUCHEBAG at this point. JMHO.

  • vb

    BMW gives less and less of a shit about their customers…

  • mister2d

    Sorry, this isn’t any BMW from your local dealership. This is a brand new custom ordered BMW INDIVIDUAL with European Delivery. The guy paid cash and BMW screwed up the order. With the amount of ridiculous premium this guy shelled out, BMW should be doing everything possible to make this right.

    Also, there’s nothing humble about your opinion.

  • jik

    The delivery didn’t turn out perfectly, the buyer was disappointed, but such is life. He still got to Germany and can afford to own an M3. It’s not a disappointment – not a disaster. The title of the article is the disaster.

  • 2012M3 EuroDelivery

    7% discount off the USA delivery price upfront on a EuroDelivery, and he pays for his trip to Europe. BMW offered to rebuild the correct color M3 and put the already manufactured “new” correctly stitched interior from the Atlantic Blue car into his Atlantis Blue car…..he declined and “bitched”!!!! Sounds like BMW did their best to correct a bad situation, but MR. b-thumper runs with the “oh I’ve been so maligned story”!!!! Give me a f…king break….he’s a douche bag.

  • Diggy

    Any update on this? Thread on m3post is closed.

  • jaji

    i have a similar experience with overseas military program, where they give you some awesome discounts and customize your own options rather than popular packages…big difference is that they will deliver the car to the dealer choice of yours…when I got my 2008 328xi, it had all the options i wanted without silly things like garage opener and ect…until i found out that they forgot to install power seats!!! i was shocked and so were they as they realized they screwed up on the order…i complained about it and eventually got a monetary discount of $1200, which was good…turns out that i didn’t miss the power seats as long as no one else drove my car and change my setting…

  • Robert Undisclosed

    Yes, I recently leased a 328I and was told I could take it to Europe as I would be spending a lot of time there, and possibly living there permanently.

    I understood when the lease was up I would have to ship it back t the U.S. when the lease was up to turn in.

    I arrived in Europe. Contacted BMW USA and was sent the paperwork authorization to ship my car to Europe. I set the car up for pick up with the shipper. I then called BMW back and to inform them of the ship date and was told I could not ship the car to Europe, but I could take the car to Canada or Mexico.

    Now I have a car I’m not even using and making lease payments on, sitting in a garage. This month I’m not making another lease payment and telling BMW where they can stick their car. I won’t be returning to the U.S. as I love it hear. BMW just lost a good customer.

  • Robert Undisclosed

    So who really wants to go to Germany ? I’ve been there, you can have it. Now the Mediterranean ? That’s another matter.

    jik, you don’t lie to customers or treat them like they are expendable or you won’t have customers. Look what happened to GM.

  • Maurice

    I can understand your disappointment, and yes…BMW made a mistake but it isn’t the end of the world. We took ED of our new 2014 640i in September and fortunately for us it was a fantastic experience. However there was a screw-up on our order too. I don’t know if it originated from the dealer or the order was not correctly filled by the factory. We ordered fold down seats and the car was built without them. Based on the fact the rest of the car was so pristine, and for whatever reason we got more than we bargained for with some options we did not order directly, I let it go. I was not going to let this issue spoil our trip! We also have a 535xi which fortunately does have the fold down seats that we need, so we’re covered.
    I guess the only thing I can say is BMW did try to resolve your problem in some way and be thankful you have and can afford such a great car. Enjoy!

  • No_Euro

    After I ordered a new 5 series for euro delivery, I confirmed the order with options and price so that I could buy my airfare to Germany. My salesman says its a done deal, buy your ticket, I can pick up the 5 series in Munich in 1 1/2 months. I bought my airfare to Munich. How can this get screwed up, right? The next day the salesman calls me and says he forgot to charge me for the cold weather package and I must pay an additional $1,000 – full list price for that option even though the “alleged error” was the dealer’s. Although the sales agreement clearly says cold weather package is an option that I paid for in the contract price, the dealer cancelled my order because I would not double pay for that option! The dealer tried to scam me and stressed me out by cancelling my order – after I bought my ticket. The dealer sales man, sales manager and GM refused to answer my calls or respond to my letters. BMW NA refused to answer my calls or respond to my letters. Beware of BMW dealers that bait and trap you with the Euro delivery scam. After you buy your airline ticket this dealer tried to trap me if or another $1k. The dealer and BMW NA, just cancelled my order. No appolgy. No compensation. No answers. No new order offered. Not one word. Nothing. That is what a new customer means to BMW. No it’s worse, they treat customers as fools. Fortunately a bought an Infiniti which is the best car purchase you can make, and they don’t lie and scam you.


    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, it’s the wrong blue, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What a horrible life you have!


    Sounds like BS to me….a car purchase is a legal contract, no one can just cancel it….made up


    But you are driving an Infiniti, now, you loose!


    yup, you love it their! Don’t pay, and you think you are gonna win against BMW? Hear or HERE?


    GM is not a car company though, it’s scrap metal recyclers.


    You drive a TOYota, did you hit your head somewhere?

  • Daniel Doelfs

    ๐Ÿ˜€ that is so true ๐Ÿ˜€

  • myassbleedsforyou

    Fuck you COCK sucker, said the BMW European delivery spokesperson under his breath

  • Justin

    Loose? like loose stool? Do you even know what the word loose means brah? Basically it sounds like you tried to bumpheck him and found out you couldn’t get enough friction to happy-jolly-joy to the end of your days. Sick, brah, sick.