Cadillac Announces Best Sales Growth Since 1976

Cadillac Announces Best Sales Growth Since 1976

Cadillac just announced finishing 12 consecutive months of sales gains, helped by a healthy increase for the ATS compact sedan

The American luxury automaker said today that its 38 percent year-to-date sales increase is the brand’s largest since 1976. The brand’s sales increased by 40 percent in May.

“Cadillac is back,” said Bob Ferguson, the VP of Global Cadillac. “Our growth is product-driven, new luxury vehicles with dramatic design and performance drawing new customers to showrooms.”

Overall, 66 percent of Cadillac buyers are new to the brand, either coming from other GM products or other manufacturers altogether.

Strong sales of the ATS compact luxury sedan contributed to those numbers by bringing new buyers to the brand. In fact, Cadillac said that 70 percent of ATS customers are purchasing their first Cadillac; an important demographic in the long run.

Sales this month for the ATS increased by over 35 percent with a total 3,249 units sold.

More importantly, average transaction prices for the ATS are up $700 compared to January, Cadillac communications manager David Caldwell said. “Our data on average transaction price is a touch over [$35,000].” That price can be attributed to a popular reception of the mid-range 2.0-liter turbocharged model.

The brand also continues to report that roughly 20 percent of its ATS customer base is under 35.

Sedan sales in general are proving to be strong for Cadillac, which reported a 122 percent increase within that area of its product line.

Finally, the company said its Escalade luxury SUV enjoyed its best May sales since 2008, with 1,928 units sold last month.