Celebrity Cars Heading to Auction Including Sinatra’s Jag

Celebrity Cars Heading to Auction Including Sinatra’s Jag

If you claim to be Elvis’ number one fan, and many do, you now have the chance to own the King’s 1972 Cadillac Custom Estate Wagon, along with other gems previously owned by celebrities.

The inaugural Mecum Celebrity Items Auction is set to take place at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif. on July 26 and 27.

Buyers will have the chance to pickup a 1989 Jaguar XJS that was previously owned by Frank Sinatra. And for the bidder with more non-traditional tastes, the custom-made “Flintstone Family Car” (seen above) featured in the 1994 movie The Flintstones will also be hitting the auction block.

A 1969 Chevy C/10 Baja Truck owned by Steve McQueen will be sold at auction for the first time ever. It was designed by Vic Hickey and sold to McQueen in 1970. The truck has just over 14,000 miles on it, and still sports the original paint. A 1931 Harley Davidson VL74 also owned by McQueen will be up for sale as well.

Buyers can also get a 2007 GMC Yukon that was featured on CSI:Miami, a 1973 El Camino used on the TV show My Name is Earl, a 1965 Chrysler Imperial used in the movie The Green Hornet, and a George Barris custom-built 1957 Chevy Coupe, made for Ringo Star.

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