‘Check Engine’ Repairs Cost Most in New Jersey: Study

‘Check Engine’ Repairs Cost Most in New Jersey: Study

A study released today by CarMD shows that the average nationwide cost to repair issues causing a “check engine” light have increased 10 percent since 2011. 


The study also says that people living in New Jersey pay the most, followed by those in Washington D.C. Of the five states reporting the highest average costs, four are on the East Coast. According to the study, the average cost to remedy a “check engine” issue was $367.84. In New Jersey, that number rises to $392,99. Vermont, on the other hand, had the lowest average cost ($269.72). Colorado is also the state with the highest average labor costs ($150.75) for the second consecutive year.

California was the only West Coast state to be listed among the five states with the highest average repair costs this year. That stands in contrast to previous years where most of the most expensive states on the list were along the West Coast.

Hybrid repair costs, on the other hand, are falling. The average hybrid driver paid just over $2,000 for battery replacement in New Jersey, which was the lowest of any state. Arizona hybrid owners weren’t so lucky. Average cost for the same repair there was more than double at $4,409.94.

Overall, vehicles are becoming more expensive to repair, with the gap between more and less expensive states shrinking year over year.