Commute, Toy or Destroy – Audi R8 vs. Mercedes SLS vs. Lamborghini Gallardo

Commute, Toy or Destroy – Audi R8 vs. Mercedes SLS vs. Lamborghini Gallardo

This week’s installment of AutoGuide’s interactive weekly feature ‘Commute, Toy or Destroy’ pits three true exotic machines head-to-head.

We are asking you to decide which one you would make your daily driver, which one would be taken out for weekend drives, and which one doesn’t deserve the hype and should just be forgotten.

Remember, the commuter car you must live with every day, all year round. The toy would be only available to you for occasional use, like an exotic car show, and the final car would be the one you’d rather not have as it’s missing that certain panache a supercar should have.

This week we select three exotics that only require you to be filthy rich, and not other-worldly rich. First, there is the Audi R8. With the choice of a V8 or V10 sitting mid-ship powering all four wheels, this exotic is as fast as it is sexy. Speaking of sexy, our next car is the Lamborghini Gallardo. This car also features all-wheel drive and a V10, but has a little higher clout (and price) than the Audi. Finally, there is the front engine, rear-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The gullwing doors and monstrous V8 soundtrack may be worth the price of admission alone.

Audi R8


The R8 could well be one of the best looking cars on the road today. With the available V10 Plus producing 550 hp, the R8 has the performance to back up its looks. The fact it has starred in a few Ironman movies hasn’t hurt the R8 either and made every 8-year old want one when they grow up.

Lamborghini Gallardo


Lamborghinis are cars that need no introduction; there is no mistaking a Lambo for anything else on the road. Although some may consider the Gallardo a ‘down-market’ Lamborghini (if there is such a thing), it is still features exotic looks and supercar performance; the Superleggera makes over 560 hp.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG


The SLS may not have the same performance credentials of the other two vehicles here. It isn’t mid-engine and doesn’t have all-wheel drive. But it makes up for it in style. The car looks stunning, has the classic gullwing doors and an elegant interior. The 6.2 L V8 can make upwards of 622 hp and sounds absolutely awesome.



  • CA_Refugee

    WOW! This is probably one of the hardest lists yet.

    Commute = SLS

    Toy = R8 (V8 version, and I would probably have it supercharged and tuned for the track as well.)

    Destroy = Gallardo (I can’t believe I typed that but, it isn’t the Aventador. And the Gallardo is getting a bit “old”.)

  • Bolo

    Commute: SLS AMG

    Toy: Gallardo

    Destroy: R8

  • smartacus

    gallardo commuter
    SLS weekender
    donate R8

  • ColumWood

    This IS hard.

    Toy: The R8. It’s probably the best commuter of the bunch (or tied with the Mercedes) but it’s likely the best track package of the trio.

    Commute: The Gallardo. It’s easily the worst commuter of the bunch…. but would also draw the most stares. Driving it regularly would probably bankrupt me and a hard core Superleggera model would be a pain in the ass. But they are SO COOL!

    Destroy: The Mercedes. To be fair, it’s the only one I haven’t driven… so I shouldn’t judge it so harshly. But it just doesn’t blow me away. I welcome the opportunity to drive it and change my decision!

  • Linderloo

    SLS- Commuter
    Gallardo- Toy
    Destroy- R8

  • In this battle of Germany VS. Italy, I’ll take the Germans.

    Commute the SLS, strictly for the unique style.

    Toy the R8, because Audi brings it when it comes to the track.

    Destroy the Gallardo, because the style is just too blunt for me.

  • Tom

    I have the sls and the trunk hold a tour size golf bag and the warranty it 7 years bumper to bumper … it is my daily driver … therefore, commute.