Commute, Toy or Destroy – Chevrolet Silverado 1500 vs Ford F-150 vs Ram 1500

Commute, Toy or Destroy – Chevrolet Silverado 1500 vs Ford F-150 vs Ram 1500

We are back with this week’s installment of AutoGuide’s newest, interactive weekly feature ‘Commute, Toy or Destroy’.

Once again, we present to you, our faithful readers, a choice of three vehicles. We are asking you to decide which one you would make your daily work truck, which one would become your weekend off-road warrior, and which one is best left to the urban cowboy wannabes.

Remember, that commuter car you must live with every day, all year round. The toy would be only available to you for occasional use pulling your weekend toys, and the final truck is something best left alone as it may struggle to pull its own weight.

This week we select the big three in the full-size pickup truck market. First there is the bestselling vehicle of, well, forever; the Ford F-150. Next there is the truck that is all-new this year, the Chevrolet Silverado. Finally, there is the truck that recently underwent a name change, dropping ‘Dodge’ from its title to be known only as the Ram 1500.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500


All-new for 2014, the Silverado may look the same at first glance, but a closer inspection reveals this truck is indeed wearing all new sheet-metal and is powered by a new generation of engines. Displacement numbers remain the same for the trio of new motors, but each one receives cylinder deactivation, direct injection and variable valve timing.

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The new 4.3 L V6 makes 285 hp and a class leading 305 lb-ft of torque. The big 6.2 L V8 churns out 420 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque, while the volume engine, a 5.3-liter V8 makes 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque.

Ford F-150


The F-150 is now the ‘old man’ of the full-size American pickup truck market. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t competitive. Still the number one selling vehicle in America, the F-150 has revolutionized this market segment with the introduction of the Ecoboost turbocharged V6, by convincing truck buyers that a V6 engine can in fact replace a V8. How can you argue with 365 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque?

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Ram 1500


The Ram was all-new last year and brought an eight-speed automatic and airbag suspension to this market segment. Still wearing a similar baby-big-rig look that it has since 1994, the Ram 1500 may be the most intimidating pickup on the road. Of course, there is still the option of a 395-hp HEMI V8 for this truck, and there is also a new 3.0-liter diesel engine that is sure to keep customers happy with around 420 lb-ft of torque.



  • Stephen Elmer

    Well, they’re all solid picks.

    I’ll take the 5.7-liter Ram 1500 for my commuter. The interior can’t be beaten.

    I’ll toy the 6.3-liter V8 Silverado. (I would also probably pull off the low plastic aero bits, and throw new shocks on it.)

    And lastly, the F-150 would burn. If it were a Raptor at stake, the F-150 would be saved, but the regular truck has fallen behind its two main rivals in many areas, and therefore, it takes the bullet.

  • Luke Vandezande

    I would take an early 2000’s F-150 King Ranch for my commuter (disagree with steve about best interior here!)

    For the toy, I would probably go with the big V8 Silverado too, and I guess that means I destroy the Ram, although only on a technicality.

  • Racinghcr

    The Ford F-Series has proven to be the TOUGHEST,BEST SELLING, and MOST POPULAR Truck for over 36 straight years proving beyond a shadow of any logical doubt why they are the BEST! Kudos to America’s Ford Motor Company–DRIVE ONE!

  • Racinghcr

    Totally illogical—-the Fiat/Ram is a Joke and always will be the LEAST Popular of the three top trucks. Fiat/Cryco practically gives the things away to keep up in sales..

  • Bill

    Try driving one, I did, all three, Chevrolet and Ford have NOTHING over the Ram. And, I did not just drive them, I rented ea one for a month to compare. Hands down the Ram. Four years later and just under 90000 miles with towing and just a little off road, NOTHING has gone wrong. My brothers 2011 Chevy? New rear end and trany bands. My friends Ford? To many times to count how many things. By the way it’s a 2010. Don’t be so narrow minded and be so brand loyal just because you grew up with any brand. Talk to people and try them out. Don’t go by I heard, or they say. One more example, brother in law since 1969 had Chevys, one 1998 dodge, never had one problem with it. His last two out of three Chevys had two rears and one trany at 37000 miles. Go by proof of the people you know or see and ask them about there trucks. The only problem is, a lot of the people that are brand loyal that have problems will not tell you everything, or, there definition of problems is that was a routine thing.

  • Racinghcr

    Sorry Bill your arguments and vague claims supporting Fiat’s distant third -place Ram (100% owned by Italians now) make little sense. You should trade your Fiat/Ram on the World’s Most Popular, Toughest, and BEST SELLING Truck-America’s FORD F-Series/F-150. and drive what Most People in the World rely on a Trust in both Work and Play .FACTS PROVE in 2013 that America’s Ford F-Series (763,402 total full size truck sales vs Fiat’Ram 355,673 sales) outsold Fiat/Bam by 307,729 units !! What do YOU think the sales results will be when America’s Ford Motor Company introduces the revolutionary, all-new 2015 F-150 with a military grade Aluminum Body and strongest high tensile steel frame this year?? How long will Fiat/Ram take to get out of the truck Dark Ages as the Italians watch America’s Ford F-Series leave them father behind in Convenience, technology,
    Fuel Economy, Performance, towing/hauling, and where it really counts SALES!! Buy American Owned ,Designed, Engineered, and Produced–You get the BEST and your money stays in OUR COUNTRY to help Our PEOPLE, ECONOMY ,and Way of Life!