Costco is Most Popular Gas Station for Second Year

Costco is Most Popular Gas Station for Second Year

For the second consecutive year, drivers agree that Costco is good for more than buying a year’s supply of hummus and multivitamins in one trip.

That’s because the members-only wholesaler offers lower prices for fuel and people respond. Costco came first and Sam’s Club came in second in a study by Market Force Information. The study asked 7,600 participants which gas stations they preferred and why. Costco was by far the most popular with almost double the number of votes compared to Sam’s Club. Those two were still much more popular than any other gas station in the U.S. and Canada.

Costco was also the most popular place to buy gas in the West when the results were broken down by region. Shell is more popular in the South while Speedway found favor in the Midwest.

Low pricing wasn’t actually the highest priority to consumers. That award goes to location convenience, although only by a small margin, followed closely by price. Ease of entry and exit, cleanliness and fuel promotions were next in that order, but not nearly as important.


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