DC ‘Combo’ Fast Charge Stations Tested by GM, BMW

DC ‘Combo’ Fast Charge Stations Tested by GM, BMW

Chevrolet’s Spark EV and BMW’s i3 will be among the first to benefit from an electric car charging system newly standardized by SAE International.

Engineers from both automakers spent “several days” joint testing DC “Combo” Fast Charge Stations from various suppliers and now say they are confident the systems can consistently replenish 80 percent of an electric car’s energy in about 20 minutes.

“This unprecedented cooperation among OEMs and equipment suppliers demonstrates the maturity of this important technology that will help speed the adoption of electric vehicles around the world,” said Britta Gross, GM director, advanced vehicle commercialization policy.

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By agreeing on a standardized charging system, manufacturers will make it easier for electric car owners to access and benefit from a growing infrastructure network.

It will make finding a place to charge electric cars easier while simultaneously simplifying their use by creating a single charge port for the car that can use both alternating and direct current.

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  • Drew Stonesifer

    Wow. Charge 80% of a 20 kWh battery in 20 minutes. That’s a whole, what, 40 miles? Or a hundred miles with a tesla supercharger in 20 minutes and the 85 kWh battery.

    Tesla hopes the market will decide who wins. SAE, GM, BMW, and all the others hope Tesla will give in. It’ll be interesting to watch!