Ford F-150 Tops Most American-Made Ranking

Ford F-150 Tops Most American-Made Ranking

The Ford F-150 has taken over another top spot, ending the Toyota Camry’s four-year streak on top of the American-Made Index.

The Ford F-Series pickup saw the biggest U.S. increase in sales this year, climbing 22 percent through the end of May, and is now deemed the most American made-vehicle according to The Toyota Camry has been atop the American-Made Index for the last four years.

The index is determined by analyzing three data points: domestic-parts content, final vehicle assembly plant, and vehicle sales.

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In third place on the list is the Dodge Avenger, while the Honda Odyssey comes in fourth. Fifth place goes to the Toyota Sienna, and the Japanese automaker also holds the seventh place spot with the Tundra, and the 10th place spot with its Avalon. Filling in the gaps is the Chevrolet Traverse in sixth place, GMC Acadia in eighth, and the Buick Enclave in ninth.

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