Ford Using Thermal Imaging to Design Quieter Vehicles

Ford Using Thermal Imaging to Design Quieter Vehicles

In looking for ways to continue to innovate, Ford has turned to thermal imaging technology to help detect air leaks in their vehicles, helping create quieter cabins.

The American automaker has released a video showcasing how the technology is used to better identify air leaks and help improve interior quietness in Ford’s model lineup. It’s the same technology that military and law enforcement use to hunt down criminals, except Ford is using it to find hot spots where heated air escapes the vehicle.

In addition to reducing road noise, sealing air leaks also help increase heating and cooling efficiency by reducing energy loss. Prior to using thermal imaging technology, the automaker had to resort to sensory findings to prevent air leaks. Though it was successful, it wasn’t consistent, not to mention time consuming.

“We are the first automaker to use this technology to track air leaks,” said John Crisi, Ford NVH engineer. “It’s an example of the innovative methods we use so our customers have a more pleasant driving experience. Our cameras can detect tiny holes and openings we could not otherwise identify.”

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