How Technology Helps Audi’s LMP Race Cars

How Technology Helps Audi’s LMP Race Cars

Audi’s success in Le Mans racing is no easy task to maintain, but staying at the forefront of technology to keep its race cars safe certainly helps keep it in the winner’s circle.

So just how much do the little things matter? Audi Motorsport has released some information on how its LMP race cars are successful, thanks to a multitude of advanced safety features. In lighting technology, the German automaker has improved its capabilities in LMP racing by extending the headlight’s sight distance by 85 percent since 2006. When campaigning at night in the Le Mans 24 Hours, drivers benefit from a light beam that is more than 2,625 feet long.

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Last year, Audi added a digital rear-view mirror to its R18 race cars that features a small rearward camera mounted on the roof above the driver. The camera is able to capture traffic behind the car at a field angle of 60 degrees. The rear-view mirror has a 6.8-inch diagonal screen with a resolution of 600,000 pixels. Benefits go beyond just technology though, the digital rear-view mirror is more practical since it isn’t impacted by vibrations. In addition, the blind spot behind the car is eliminated.

Lastly, the steering wheel is overloaded with tech, featuring 13 buttons located on the front. Functions such as brake force distribution, traction control, the radio, drink supply, the starter, and electronics are available within hands reach to the driver. A digital display provides plenty of data such as absolute lap times and tire pressure.

Much of this technology has been used in Audi’s road vehicles, just not in such an extreme fashion. But every bit of luxury and technology that the German automaker outfits its models with have been proven on the track at some point.

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