Hyundai Nurburgring Test Center to Open in August

Hyundai Nurburgring Test Center to Open in August

Hyundai is undertaking the final preparations ahead of moving into its new Nurburgring test center, a purpose-built facility at the world-famous track where the Korean automaker will put its vehicles to the test.

The new test center is scheduled to be completed in August 2013 and will cover four floors and almost 40,000 square feet. Inside it will house new workshops, office space, and a VIP hospitality area, all wrapped in a unique glass and metallic finish.

It will be a natural extention to Hyundai’s European research and development center in Germany, giving it easy access to the Nurburgring to complete a greater number of vehicle assessments a year.

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The additional capacity for testing at the new center will allow the automaker to complete accelerated durability tests on 11 vehicles in addition to assessing steering, suspension, ride, and handling characteristics to produce models suited to the preferences of European drivers.

“Quality is one of Hyundai’s core values and it’s key to achieving customer satisfaction,” said Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe. “The Nürburgring is the ultimate location to test vehicle durability, and we’re able to apply what we learn there to all of our vehicle development projects.”

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