Hyundai Tucson Hydrogen Car Delivery Begins in Europe

Hyundai Tucson Hydrogen Car Delivery Begins in Europe

Hyundai delivered its first line-produced hydrogen-powered car today in Europe.

Actually, it delivered its first 15 to the city of Copenhagen for use in a municipal fleet. The hydrogen-powered ix35 fleet was turned over during a ceremony opening Denmark’s first hydrogen refueling station. While hydrogen vehicles are already available in North America, these are the first for Europe.

The car can travel at up to 100 mph and the automaker says it can travel up to about 370 miles on a single tank.

North American customers can expect to see the Tucson FCEV available in 2015. When that happens, the brand is aiming to sell roughly 1,000 units annually and hopes to expand sales to 10,000.

Doing that will require new fuel infrastructure and Hyundai is working with the Department of Energy in a private-public partnership to make stations more available. Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Nissan are all part of the program.

Hydrogen vehicles could offer a more practical green transportation alternative to electric cars because they can be refueled in about the same time as a gas-powered car.

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  • john

    hydrogen is the fuel of the future, hyundai has it now .build hydrogen fuel stations all across the united states starting right now. If we do this now. we will be ready for all hydrogen cars to be sold in 2014. Also the price will come down very fast.