Internet Connection in Cars Likely Common by 2020

Internet Connection in Cars Likely Common by 2020

A new study suggests that by 2020, the idea of having an Internet connection associated with your car will be commonplace.

London-based Telefonica Digital predicts that by that time, 90 percent of vehicles will have their own connection. Roughly 10 percent of vehicles today are connected to the Internet according to the report. Having a separate data connection for your car seems like a luxury today, but that won’t be true very much longer.

According to the report, Internet connectivity in cars will shift from being a premium feature used to attract buyers to something most customers will expect.

Next year, General Motors will add 4G LTE service to its cars, and the automaker has hinted that it will allow OnStar billing to be rolled into the account holder’s cell phone bill for convenience.

[Source: Automotive News]