Lotus Le Mans Car Rebuilt in Time for Practice

Lotus Le Mans Car Rebuilt in Time for Practice

Lotus LMP2 drove during yesterday’s practice session at Le Mans despite a legal battle that threatened the team’s chances of having functional cars.

The team scrambled to court yesterday and got the parts back. Suspension components, gearboxes and steering wheels were seized from the cars on Tuesday after an unnamed partner filed a motion in a local court. A statement released by Lotus LMP2 said the courts made the decision because the “allegations were reasonless.”

One of the team’s two cars was rebuilt in time to complete 16 laps in the practice session and the is being rebuilt and is expected to be ready for the evening’s first qualifying session.

The undisclosed party responsible for the parts being seized is believed to be Adess AG CEO Stephane Chosse.

“Lotus Praga LMP2/Kodewa have instructed their lawyers to file a criminal complaint against Stéphane Chosse, Adess AG and SCE Solutions on Monday, 17th June 2013,” the team said in a statement.

Kodewa commissioned Adess to built the T128 race cars.

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