LoveFab Acura NSX Destroyed in Pikes Peak Testing

LoveFab Acura NSX Destroyed in Pikes Peak Testing

One of the fan favorites competing at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb won’t make it to the main event after a tragic accident has destroyed Cody Loveland’s Acura NSX.

According to Loveland’s Facebook page, he was excited to attack the mountain on day one of practice. A few hours later, as he entered the second corner on the track, an upper control arm failed that sent him and his NSX violently into large boulders at over 80 mph. The car ignited into a massive flame but Loveland was able to get out of the vehicle safely.

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The car burned for three painfully long minutes. A few hours later, Loveland updated his Facebook again stating that the team has officially withdrawn from this year’s competition, but the “core of the car is salvageable.” Hopefully the team doesn’t stay on the down and can rebuild the monster to fight another day.

[Source: Cody Loveland Facebook and Kash Singh Facebook]

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