MINI Congratulates Porsche 911 on its 50th Birthday – Mega Gallery

MINI Congratulates Porsche 911 on its 50th Birthday – Mega Gallery

This year, Porsche is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its 911 model, and to congratulate the German automaker on its momentous feat, MINI has released a photo gallery of a classic MINI with a classic Porsche 911.

At first glance, the two automakers have very little in common. MINI focuses on economical and compact but fun vehicles, while Porsche focuses on building high-performance sports cars. But the major landmark of celebrating its 50th birthday for the 911 is no small task, and out of just sheer respect for how successful the 911 has been, the British automaker has paid homage to the great sports car model.

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Over the years, both automakers have pride themselves in pushing the envelope on vehicle design and neither are fearful at entering different markets. Porsche has been successful with both the Panamera and the Cayenne while MINI has pushed the envelope in compact car offerings with its Paceman and Countryman models. And of course, there’s the successful that both automakers have had on and off the track.

Despite carrying very different stories and histories, a classic MINI sharing the road with a classic Porsche 911 in a set of photos is truly worth the time to look over.

GALLERY: Classic MINI and Porsche 911



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