Mitsubishi Evolution From 2 Fast 2 Furious For Sale

Mitsubishi Evolution From 2 Fast 2 Furious For Sale

The Mitsubishi Evolution featured in the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie is once again for sale, this time on eBay and demanding an absurd price of $39,995.

As if the car’s modifications weren’t silly enough back in 2003 when the movie first debuted, the Evo doesn’t belong anywhere a decade later, looking outdated and downright silly. The car was most recently sold at the 2011 Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson auction where it went for $24,200.

According to the seller on eBay, it’s a genuine 2001 Mitsubishi Evolution VII and was imported from Japan, even though it’s left-hand drive. It only has 800 miles on the odometer, but that’s not much of a surprise considering very few people would actually want to be caught driving it in 2013.

But hey, maybe a true Fast and Furious movie car collector won’t feel so bad parting away with $39,995 at a chance of “owning history.”

[Source: eBay and Barrett Jackson]

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  • Ben

    Umm. It is a genuine evo Vll. The car was customized for the film including using the evo Vlll’s tail lights, which the body had to be modified to use. The cars were ordered from Japan and modified by Eddie Paul’s shop in Segundo California. Most of the car is stock as Mitsu drummed these up from the factory for the movie set before they his U.S. shores. The only thing added by Eddie Paul was the nitrous system, body kit, fabrication for the Evo Vlll tail lights, and a few other minor touches for the movie. Otherwise, it’s a fairly pristine car. Worth what the seller is asking? Hardly. The Barret Jackson price seems fair though. I am disappointed in this article though. As much as I love Auto Mag, I was hoping you would have done your research.

  • Benslancer

    Actually Ben, those are Lancer taillights that the body had to be modified for with a plasma cutter. No EVOs have that contour for those taillights.

  • disqus_EBclYzQDil

    …. I think its you that have to do some research. xD First the Evo 7 – 8 – 9 aka CT9A Evos have the same tail light body, just different designs. You DON’T NEED To FABRICATE to interchange the 7 to 9 tail lights! Just ask any Evo owner! I own one BTW. And those in P.Walker’s car my friend, are cheap @ss lancer tail lights! You can even notice it doesn’t tuck in the Evo’s wide body. Check some pix of it online and see what I’m talking about… I’m very disappointed in you Ben. lol