New BMW Active Tourer Concept to Bow July 12

New BMW Active Tourer Concept to Bow July 12

Moving another step closer to production, BMW will debut a second version of its Concept Active Tourer model, this time with more of an outdoorsy focus.

In a brief release few details were provided other than the fact that the new concept, “is aimed at meeting the special needs of an outdoor and leisure time oriented target group.”

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It’s not yet clear the new concept will simply highlight new features or if it will change more dramatically, perhaps even into a crossover. Perhaps hinting at such a transformation, the BMW release does say that with the new concept it will, “be entering new terrain.”

The second Active Tourer Concept will bow July 12th and mark the first time BMW has debuted a model at the OutDoor exhibition in Friedrichshafen.

GALLERY: BMW Active Tourer Concept


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